How the Starbucks Marketing Team Went Agile Using Workfront

In this webinar, we establish a series of six actionable steps (using insights from industry experts) to becoming an Agile marketing team. Learn the differences between Agile and Waterfall methodologies, the pros and cons of each, and get best use cases and a roadmap for mixing the two.

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IT Project Management Best Practices

Quit trying to manage today’s teams like it’s the 1950s. Management of project teams needs to evolve from the rigid, machine-like processes of the 20th century. Traditional approaches to project management that were originally created for civil engineering projects are no longer suited for today’s teams. In order for project management practices to continue to be successful for our organizations, you must evolve them.

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The Complete Guide to Agile Marketing

The term Agile Marketing often carries an ambiguous aura, which is no surprise considering the many definitions of what it means to be Agile. This complete guide not only defines true Agile Marketing, but also offers step-by-step best practices to adopting the Agile Marketing methodology on your own team.

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