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The Workfront platform is your solution for managing work in the digital age.

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Connecting Work Across Your Enterprise

Centralized Projects
Working in a single platform increases transparency and encourages collaboration between teams and departments.
Limitless Collaboration
Modern work isn't confined to your office. Enable employees, contractors, and clients to collaborate in real time, from anywhere.
Simplified Compliance
Maintain brand and industry standards across departments by managing digital content in a single location, instead of in folders and drives.
Intelligent Planning
Goodbye spreadsheets. Use smart tools to quickly scope, prioritize, and assign work to help your team focus on the right work.
Streamlined Process
Manual processes slow you down. Automate workflows and eliminate bottlenecks to enable your team to deliver their best work, faster.
Real-time Reporting
Always know how much work can get accomplished and when. Uncover roadblocks and track your KPIs from start to finish with easy-to-use reporting tools.
Seamless Integration
Stop toggling windows. Automatically sync the tools, applications, and data you need to succeed in single, accessible location.
Flexible Approach
Change doesn't have to disrupt your workflow. Work in your methodology of choice—mixed methodologies welcome.
Customized Solution
Work the way you want. Configure your platform to meet business needs and match the way your team works.

Workfront Customers Achieve More

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logo northstar
50% reduction in project review time
background image cisco
logo cisco
99% on-time delivery rate
image 30% of time regained for innovation
Trek logo
30% of time regained for innovation
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logo loyola
51% higher project success rate
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Cynthia Boon Image
"Workfront allows us to measure our work and report back on our successes. Reporting enables us to translate the team's hard work into quantifiable results for our leadership team."
Cynthia Boon
AVP Customer Experience Delivery
Philip Bower Image
"Workfront has given Fossil a platform to deliver critical information to the creative departments and helps give marketing visibility to the time needed to complete the projects."
Philip Bower
Director of Creative Services
Emily Higinbotham Image
"With Workfront, we have standardized processes, created efficiencies, and expanded collaboration, which has primed us for pushing boundaries and taking our business to a whole new level."
Emily Higinbotham
Sr. Process Manager

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  • Automate workflows across teams and departments
  • Connect your tools and applications in one location
  • Streamline your digital asset management