Workfront is the only cloud-based Enterprise Work & Project Management solution designed to help any enterprise team—marketing, finance, etc.—unleash their value by focusing on the right work, doing their best work, and working faster than ever before.

Why Work Doesn’t Work

Thanks to excessive emails, meetings, and administrative work, enterprise workers spend just 39% of their time fulfilling their primary job duties. Result: work takes longer and is often lower-quality. And that’s just the beginning.

Directors and managers also don’t know who is working on what, much less if that work is the most aligned with company priorities. When the time comes to report or determine bandwidth, they can only shrug and give their best guess.

But what if you could cut status meetings in half? What if your team could spend the majority of their day not only working, but working faster than ever on the projects that are most aligned with company strategy?

Imagine if directors and managers could report at any moment exactly what each team member is working on, when it will be done, and what value it’s adding to the organization.

This vision can become a reality with Workfront.

How Workfront Unleashes Your Value

Started in 2001 as AtTask, our company was founded by a small group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs dedicated to making better project management software. Over the following years, AtTask rose to prominence, ultimately expanding our platform to meet the unique work management challenges of enterprise organizations and changing our name to Workfront. Today, Workfront is the expert in unleashing enterprise teams’ value through greater collaboration, visibility, and velocity.

Here are 9 ways Workfront unleashes the value of its thousands of customers—and why Workfront should be your work management vendor of choice.

  1. Made for All Teams

    You need a solution that works the way you do. Some project management systems were built for help desks and IT implementations. But only Workfront was created to also serve the needs of any enterprise team—marketing, finance, etc.

    Best of all, Workfront can be customized to match—and improve on—your team’s unique preferences and workflows.

    Learn how real teams of all kinds are using Workfront to fit their unique needs.

  2. More than just projects

    Workfront is a comprehensive work management solution that encompasses the entire project lifecycle—from intake to planning to execution to fulfillment. But it’s also built to handle those one-off ad hoc requests we all receive.

    With all organization, tracking, and collaboration on all your projects and requests happening in one place, you always have a comprehensive view of what’s happening and who’s working on what.

    See how Workfront request management handles requests of all sizes.

  3. Easy to Use and Adopt

    In addition to being named the number one online project management system overall by independent reviewer—receiving a score of 9.75 out of 10—Workfront was also ranked “easiest to use.”

    Workfront is built with an intense focus on adoption. It’s robust and complex enough for the most in-depth project manager, yet simple enough for casual users to adopt into their workflow. By design, Workfront is intuitive and easy to navigate, with a user interface that “won’t make your creative team’s eyes bleed.” (That’s a direct quote from an actual customer.)

  4. Friendly to Multiple Methodologies

    Whether you work in Agile, Waterfall, or both, Workfront has a place for you.

    For teams with Agile aspirations, Workfront offers an integrated storyboard, backlog, burndown chart and more. Teams that prefer to stick with Waterfall can. Regardless of your methodology preference, Workfront let’s all teams plan, work, and collaborate side by side in the one place.

    See how Workfront Agile, Waterfall, or a combination of the two.

  5. Applies Social Features to the Way You Work

    With Workfront, all communication—including conversations with stakeholders and remote contributors—happens within the context of the work you’re doing, which means no more time wasted sifting through email, IMs, and voicemail for past project conversations.

    And when collaboration is faster, decisions are faster. And team members can get back to executing their best work.

    Learn how Workfront uses social recognition to improve collaboration.

  6. Expert Consultants and Amazing Support

    From the beginning of your Workfront experience, our expert consultants will help you build customized plans and processes within the software that support the way your team operates, while also aligning with industry best practices to enable your team to maximize their value.

    Your access to our experienced advisors lasts throughout the implementation phase and beyond. As your team and goals change, you’ll have ongoing access to technical support, education and account managers who will help you continue to make your team faster, more aligned, and better able to demonstrate the value they create.

    Discover how Workfront’s Customer Success team ensures a win for you.

  7. Complete Visibility for Stakeholders and Partners

    When your whole team works in one solution, you get comprehensive, unparalleled visibility into their work. Because we know that “team” often includes more than just full-time, on-site employees, Workfront allows you to give customized permissions to freelancers, remote workers, agency partners, senior stakeholders and anyone else who helps you get your job done.

    See how Workfront reports and dashboards keep everyone in the loop.

  8. A Vibrant User Community

    Workfront is used by thousands of CEOs, CMOs, directors, managers, project managers, developers and creatives worldwide—people who are facing the same challenges you do.

    Because this community of users provides an invaluable resource for best practices and creative problem-solving, Workfront facilitates peer-to-peer connections via local user groups and our annual user conference, Workfront Leap, where you can:

    • Learn from work management experts and marketing thought leaders
    • Meet 1:1 with Workfront consultants
    • Network with fellow enterprise workers from around the world
    • Participate in interactive breakout sessions
    • Get a comprehensive look at the Workfront product roadmap

    Get a peek at what lies in store for this year’s Workfront Leap attendees.

  9. Used by Brands You Trust

    We proudly call some of the world’s most respected brands our customers. You know you can rely on an enterprise work management solution that is trusted by more than 3,800 companies worldwide.

    Read case studies from dozens of real Workfront customers.

  10. Your Ally for the Long Term

    Workfront unleashes your team’s value.

    Here’s the bottom line: Workfront was designed to make enterprise teams roar. Our product and expertise allow teams to stay focused on their most important work, produce a higher volume of top-quality work in less time, and demonstrate their contribution across their organizations.

    Watch our demo to discover how Workfront can unleash your team’s value.