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Distractions at Work

The workplace is riddled with distractions that keep you from staying on task and knocking out your to-do list. These time sucks come in many shapes and sizes—everything from the guy who’s walking around the office on his phone to the growing number of emails in your inbox. The workplace is a noisy, busy, distracting place and it’s hard to get things done if you don’t know how to tackle these interruptions. Read on for five top work distractions and the simple fixes you can use to show them who’s boss. 1. EMAIL The Problem: Email is an inescapable, necessary time suck of the... Read More

3 Ways to Reclaim Your Agency’s Time

To say your agency is busy is to put it lightly. With multiple simultaneous projects, teams and clients dispersed across the globe, demanding clients and stakeholders, and constantly shifting priorities, you work in perpetual chaos. The work is engaging and challenging—which you enjoy—but operating in continual crisis mode gets exhausting. It's difficult to find the work–life balance you want, you feel like work owns you, and burnout is on the horizon. How can you tame the work chaos beast? Keep reading if you’ve ever experienced: Too much work with too little prioritizing No visibility into who’s working on what (even those random work... Read More

3 Winning Strategies for Managing Freelance Talent

Turning to freelance or contract work is becoming more and more common as agencies in today’s world try to compete for more business and clients demand more work in shorter timelines. In fact, over 50% of workers report that their teams do not have enough staff to get work done on time without working overtime. Oftentimes, especially for agencies, your creative teams and account execs are already working crazy schedules, and you end up shopping out work just to meet deadlines. We’ve seen the trend. The agency-of-record model is slowing down, trumped by multiple agencies working for the same client, producing... Read More

Work Collaboration: 3 Tips for Getting Out of Work Silos

It goes something like this: Your CEO lays down the law for the next big company focus (insert revenue target, loyalty initiative, etc.). This goal falls on the shoulders of your department so you spend the next few weeks tirelessly working on a handful of initiatives that will finally move the needle. You then find yourself in a meeting where Nancy from XYZ department is discussing a new initiative that her team is rolling out. “Wait a second!”, you think to yourself, “my team is working on that.” Or, you’re sitting in that same meeting and a new data set... Read More