Heather Hurst

Heather Hurst

Heather has enjoyed playing the game of marketing for the past 15 years, at the agency and corporate level, in both B2C and B2B companies. She's run PR campaigns that took her from the MTV Beach House to NASDAQ and many media outlets and content channels in between. She is currently the Corporate Marketing Director at Workfront.
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Work Organization: 5 Things Keeping You From Getting Your Stuff Together

Throughout my career, I’ve known many superhumans. They have it all: never miss a deadline, show up early to every meeting, constant awards and adoration from the boss...all with a thriving personal life and excellent eating habits. They consistently tell me the same thing—they accomplish what they do because they organize every aspect of their life (one even had spreadsheets to ensure he spent enough quality time with his children). While superhuman status seems unachievable some days, it doesn’t take a lot of change to get there—you just have to overcome common work habits and environmental factors that sabotage organization. Following are... Read More

A Tale of Two Creatives—and the Importance of Process

Years ago, I briefly worked with an associate creative director (let’s call him “Trent”) who was a walking, talking stereotype of the edgy graphic designer. He had the funky haircut, hipster glasses, full tattoo sleeves, and retro car—even before many of those things were trendy. Unfortunately, he was all about style over substance. He would laugh derisively at other people’s suggestions in brainstorm sessions. He would critique fellow creatives’ fashion choices—openly, during staff meetings. He cared deeply about pushing artistic boundaries and had little time for pedestrian things like “process.” Meanwhile, the senior designer wearing the “boring shoes” (Trent’s words) in the... Read More

4 Takeaways From the Leap 2016 Opening Session

Welcome to Leap 2016! We’re in Orlando for 3 ½ fabulous days with about 1,000 customers, partners, and employees to network, learn, and become better users of Workfront. We officially kicked off Leap with a great party on Monday night, and then welcomed all of the attendees with our first general session on Tuesday morning, featuring presentations from top Workfront executives and an inspiring address from Richard Phillips (of Captain Phillips fame). Suffice it to say, the first session was chock-full of great moments, words of wisdom, and reveals. For those unable to attend and not wanting to sift through a... Read More

You Deserve a Break from Work

Heather Hurst
Heather Hurst

Staying glued to your desk, on task, for eight or nine hours causes low productivity. Breaking up the day helps you retain information and be sharper and more on point during work time, when concentration is required. Yet, most of us feel under pressure to work as much as possible. Working late nights and through your lunch break seems like an obvious solution. Yet, research proves all that overtime is actually holding us back. To combat this “al desko” movement of eating lunch at desks, Workfront gave Londoners an opportunity to take a much-needed break on April 12. Workfront set up... Read More

How to Prioritize Your Work: 4 Steps

At one point in your career or another, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How to prioritize my work?” Don’t worry… you’re not alone. We’ve all stared at a mile-long, “due today” task list with no idea where to even start. Then comes the head-scratching. How to prioritize all of those to-do’s in a logical, meaningful way? Yes, you could just plow right into that pile, overcoming your workload with sheer grit and ferocity. And you could also guarantee yourself a weekend in the office as the pile wins again. If you value your work-life balance and your sanity, prioritization needs to happen,... Read More

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