Heather Hurst

Heather Hurst

Heather has enjoyed playing the game of marketing for the past 15 years, at the agency and corporate level, in both B2C and B2B companies. She's run PR campaigns that took her from the MTV Beach House to NASDAQ and many media outlets and content channels in between. She is currently the Corporate Marketing Director at Workfront.
Posts by Heather

Battle of the Sexes: Men vs. Women in the Workplace

If we wanted to make broad, sweeping generalizations about gender and the workplace after surveying 617 enterprise workers who work on a computer and collaborate with other people at companies with 500 or more employees, we might claim the following: Women Have a More Positive Outlook than Men 49% of women say “wasteful” meetings get in the way of work vs. 65% of men only 24% of women say poor company prioritization methods get in the way of work, compared to 36% of men women are far more likely to give millennials credit for their skills, tech savvy and overall friendliness Women Think... Read More

How to Create Project Request Forms

Whether you receive your project requests in the form of last-minute phone calls, IMs, hallway conversations, emails, meeting shout-outs or some other form of interruption, they make pretty much everyone absolutely cringe. Especially when they come with very few details and very little thought (and at 4:50 p.m.). That’s usually due to a complete lack of process, something you can easily fix. It all begins with a great request form. Every request form should be tailored to the kind of work you’re doing—from help desks to web design and everything between—and the processes in your company. Following are a few... Read More

5 Tips for Effective Meetings

Despite our groans and gripes, meetings are a necessity in virtually every business. In fact, even with so many other communication options like IM, email, texting, etc., 68% of enterprise workers still rely on planned, face-to-face meetings to communicate with other departments, groups and teams within their company. But, for many companies, things have simply gotten out of hand. Meeting mayhem has turned otherwise efficient, productive organizations into black holes where hours mysteriously begin to disappear as soon as someone sends an invite. The too-many-meetings burden brings productivity to a crawl, so much so that employees now say meetings are the... Read More

When to Say No at Work

Isn’t it strange how the word ‘no’ is just two little letters, but arguably the most difficult word to say? It ranks right up there with “I’m sorry” on the hard-to-say scale—as though by saying either we are somehow admitting defeat. It seems society has trained us to be “yes men” (and women), even at our own expense. And that’s especially true in the workplace. Of course, we all want to be helpful. We all want to be recognized by our peers and supervisors as team players who are so adept at task management that we can say “yes” to every... Read More

How to Find the Best Content Marketing Tools for 2016

Demand for engaging content is on the rise across multiple industries: 76% of B2B content marketers and 80% of B2C content marketers are expecting to produce even more content in 2016 compared to last year, according to the Content Marketing Institute. That may or may not be comforting to you as you take a running inventory of your team’s time, workflow and resources for 2016. You might even begin to wonder if you can realistically produce the quality and quantity of content that will keep your readers and followers engaged in the New Year — with the same content marketing tools... Read More

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