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Video Blog: Campaign refresh and the power of sticking with what's working

TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: Creative marketing teams have some traits that seem to be woven through their DNA. One of those traits is constantly looking for the next big thing, always going after what's that next thing that's gonna go viral. Yet sometimes that can be a disservice to the success of a marketing team. Let me give you an example. Several years ago, Taco Bell introduced a campaign, cute little Chihauhau, catchy phrase that went along with it. "Yo quiero Taco Bell." And they launched it worldwide. It was a huge success. It was very, very memorable. But what happened is the... Read More

Video Blog: How to Beat Stress on Marketing Teams

TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: Marketers carry a big workload when it comes to the success of a business. And along with that workload comes a lot of stress on marketing teams. In a recent study produced by Workfront, results showed that over half the marketing respondents claimed to be stressed and 25% reported being overly stressed or stressed to the max. Over 50% of marketers stated that figuring out how to juggle all their work to get it done in a 40-hour week was one of the top things that made them dread their jobs the most. Fifty-five percent said that the top... Read More

Video Blog: 6 Ways to Master Request Management

TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: One of the biggest challenges that face agencies and creative teams is how to manage all the requests that they get from a variety of clients and internal customers. So think of a creative team. Those requests can come from product managers, marketing managers, internal teams like HR and Finance, looking for brochures or videos or other pieces of collateral. And one of the challenges that those creative teams are faced with is how to get the definition around those requests and then how to manage those requests appropriately and in the most efficient way. I'd like to share... Read More

Video Blog: Things That Are Important to a CMO

TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: I have been a CMO for over 18 years, and certainly the demands and requirements for a CMO over that time have changed pretty dramatically. But the real question is, what's important to a CMO today? It really comes down to kind of four things for me. The first one is visibility. CMOs need to avoid surprises. They need visibility into trends. They need visibility into competition. They need visibility into the heartbeat of what's going on inside of their marketing team. Next, and certainly high on every CMO's list, is not only how to generate demand, but how to... Read More

Video Blog: 6 Ways to Ensure a Killer User Conference

TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: Putting together a user conference can be a pretty intimidating task for a marketer, but it can also mean some really big benefits to a business. So I'm going to talk for just a minute about six things that you can do to put together a killer conference. First of all, you need to start early. You need to get well out in front of this. Our recommendation is starting somewhere between a year to a year and a half if you can find that luxury to plan for your event. That allows you to pick the right venues,... Read More