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Greatest Hits: 4 Core Metrics All In-House Creative Services Teams Should Track

As part of our “Greatest Hits” series, we bring you articles by our executives that have appeared in other publications across the web. This week we present “How In-House Creative Teams Can Improve Performance with Data” by Workfront CMO Joe Staples, which originally appeared on Writers, designers, art directors and photographers are not data-driven by nature. They're more comfortable with pictures, puns and pixels than they are with the metrics and measurements that motivate clients and management. Perhaps because of this, in-house creative services teams consistently list the following among their biggest challenges: gaining respect from internal clients, proving their value... Read More

Video Blog: Work-Life Balance for Baby Boomers vs. Millennials

[embed][/embed] TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: A lot has been written and discussed about how to get a proper work-life balance. In a recent study conducted by Workfront, we surveyed over 600 working adults and looked at some of the trends and how they best manage trying to develop a good work-life balance. One of the things that we noticed very quickly is that there are some distinct differences between Millennials’ attitudes and those of Baby Boomers. Let me give you a couple of examples. We asked, “Is it okay to answer or respond to a work email during a family dinner?” 52% of... Read More

Video Blog: How to Avoid Work-Life Imbalance

TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: Work-life balance is a pretty hot topic today, and it's undisputed that the tie between a good work-life balance equates to good productivity inside of the business. But more and more, we're seeing technology start to blur those lines and to start a bit of an imbalance between the two. In a recent study performed by Workfront, a full 68 percent of the respondents cited poor morale as a result of the imbalance between their work life and their home life. And what are the results? You're actually losing employees. Employees are either feeling burned out or they're leaving. So... Read More

Video Blog: Adding Structure Without Killing Creativity

TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: It's no secret that creative people are passionate about their work. From creative directors to copywriters, they've chosen their profession because of that creative side of what they do, but oftentimes the business side, that process piece, can be a real buzz-killer. While flexibility and freedom are what creatives desire, facts show that creatives do their best work when there's process built around that work. So how do you get there? How do you complement what they do so well, what they're passionate about, with some structure that alleviates bottlenecks, that gets rid of useless meetings, that allows them... Read More

Video Blog: The Cure for the Overtime Epidemic

Transcript Joe Staples: So are businesses facing an overtime epidemic? Actually, studies show that 80% of Americans claim that they work extra hours or overtime. One of the things that we've seen is that successful businesses focus much less on the hours worked and much more on getting the work done. That's a shift that's taken place over the last, say, 20 to 30 years, but it's certainly a profound one that exists today - especially in those businesses that are succeeding. Now, keeping that in mind, there are still several contributing factors to this more time spent at work... Read More