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Video Blog: Work Technology is Invading Employees' Work-Life Balance

Transcript Joe Staples: Workfront recently concluded a study on work-life balance and the results are pretty surprising. One of the first things that jumped out is that technology could actually be killing family dinner time. In the study, 57% of workers feel that technology has ruined has ruined family dinner because employers and clients demand a response at any hour. So is this a good thing or a bad thing? The survey showed that 40% of employees feel that it's acceptable to take an incoming email and respond during a family dinner. With this always-on-the-clock, 24/7 mentality, it's no surprise... Read More

Video Blog: How to Improve Transparency to Stakeholders

TRANSCRIPT Joe Staples: So let's talk for a just a minute about the value that an enterprise work management solution can deliver to your stakeholders. It all starts with setting expectations properly. You have requesters - let's call them, in this case, stakeholders - people who are looking for you to complete work. But part of the problem, one of the things that we've found creates a level of dissatisfaction with the work produced, is how the expectation is set up front. Are you in a position to accurately project when a project will be done, who's going to work... Read More

Video Blog: How Enterprise Work Management Solutions Boost Your Personal Value

TRANSCRIPT Joe: A lot has been written on the business value of an enterprise work management solution, but what I'd like to talk about is the personal value that you can gain from using an enterprise work management solution. So business value tends to focus on productivity, time savings, increased visibility for the business, and getting more done. On the personal side, having an enterprise work management solution has distinct values for you, as an individual inside of your job. That personal value can come from taking greater pride in your work because you're hitting deadlines. You'll gain greater respect... Read More

Video Blog: How Enterprise Work Management Can Change Your Business

Transcript Joe Staples: So what is enterprise work management anyway? Let's start with, how does work get done inside of a business? Requests come from a number of different sources. It may be a request for a brochure into the marketing department, a request into the IT department to deploy a new software application. Or it may be your own professional services organization deploying software products or other technology inside one of your customers. The common thing is that all of those projects, all of that work, have various requesters, visibility to that work, when it's going to get done,... Read More

Video Blog: Why Wasting Time At Work is a Good Thing

Transcript Title: Why wasting time at work is a good thing Joe Staples: Supervisors and managers are constantly talking about the importance of staying on task, getting work done, but I'm here to talk about why wasting time at work can actually be a good thing. The first and probably most obvious reason is this can help you from getting bored. Staying inside the work, on task, for eight or nine hours can get pretty boring. These diversions, these breaks can actually help break up the day and increase your productivity. Second is, studies show these diversions and breaks can actually help... Read More