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Video Blog: How to Use Each Team Member to Their Fullest

Transcript TITLE: “How Can I Utilize My Team Members Better?” Joe: Proper use and planning of your team’s resources can have a profound impact on your business. So how many times do you, as a manager, look and wonder, who’s working on what? Who’s ready for more work? How often do you hear from employees, “I’m overloaded,” yet you hear from other employees, “I don’t have enough to do”? It’s through the use of an enterprise work management solution that you, as a manager, can have complete visibility into how well your team’s resources are being utilized. You can see who’s... Read More

Video Blog: How Managers Can Make Their Teams More Productive

Joe Staples
Joe Staples

Transcript TITLE: HOW CAN MY TEAM BE MORE PRODUCTIVE? Joe: For just about every business, trying to do more with less, or at least how to utilize the resources you already have, is a big challenge. Our studies show that employees are spending about 45 percent of their time on the work that they were actually hired to do. So what happens to that other time? Well, it’s what we call fake work, instead of real work. It’s spent on things like useless meetings, interruptions, clearing out email inboxes. So how do you get that time back? And what would happen if... Read More

3 Work Management Lessons Learned From Visiting Five Workfront Customers

Like any good business book will tell you, if you want to learn about your business, you’ve got talk to your customers. So, a mere two weeks into my new job as the CMO of Workfront, I decided there would be no better way to understand the state of things than to visit some of our best customers in person. With this mission in mind, I boarded a plane to Northern California, rented a car, and put in over 450 road-miles to visit five customers. In addition to being an excellent tour of scenic Northern California, this visit was absolutely... Read More

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