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The Visibility Challenge in IT Project Management: Part 1

Kari Woolf
Kari Woolf
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Before you became immersed in the world of IT project management, you were likely familiar with the popular children’s game Marco Polo. Typically played in a swimming pool, the player selected as “It” tries to tag other players in the pool while keeping eyes closed. But have you ever wondered what’s behind this game of sightless water tag? While it obviously relates to the famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo, it turns out that the details are difficult to verify. Some believe that a young Marco became separated from his caravan during a trip to China and, in a hallucinatory stupor, imagined... Read More

Keeping IT Project Management Relevant When Everyone's a PM

The balance of IT power is shifting—and not in traditional IT’s favor. Data from analyst firms like Gartner—as well as virtually every organization’s first-hand experience—indicates that business stakeholders like marketing groups are wielding more influence than ever over IT decisions that shape business strategy and results. This seismic shift has been rumbling quietly for years, but the conclusion now seems inevitable that IT will permanently share the reins when it comes to calling the IT shots. That’s great news if you’re in marketing. And it’s good news if you’re a vendor, who is not only focused on supporting IT... Read More

JIT Communication: Status, Updates, and More Status Updates

In ancient Rome, status updates were vital to the rapid growth of the empire. Roads enabled the communication of critical intelligence and orders from Rome to distant parts of the empire—and equally important, the transmission of status and updates from outlying areas back to the centers of power.1 Messengers became imperative as they ferried information back and forth, ensuring that the goals and strategy of Rome were achieved. And as Rome extended its borders, this need for continual status updates became even more pressing.2 (To see more on how bad project communication has impacted civilization, take a gander at our... Read More

Zions Bancorp Shares Workfront Success with Gartner Audience

Zions Bancorp may just be the biggest organization you’ve never heard of. This “collection of great banks” centered in the western United States has more than 11,000 employees, $51 billion in assets, and 5,500 locations. Given these kinds of figures—and the complexity that comes with being a financial institution—it’s no surprise that the amount of data they manage is staggering. Such was the experience Vern Phipps, Release Manager of the Enterprise Data Warehouse at Zions Bancorp, shared in a well-attended session at the recent Gartner PPM and IT Governance Summit in National Harbor, Maryland. In fact, the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)... Read More

4 Failures Professional Services PMs Need to Avoid Like the Plague

The world of professional services is undergoing a fairly radical change: it’s shifting from a focus on one-time, custom engagements to more predictable, fixed-cost projects. Why? Because reinventing the wheel is expensive. And in today’s competitive business environment, it’s all about maximizing a good thing. While there will always be a place for the delivery of custom services, there are tremendous economies of scale to be realized—not to mention process consistency and increased levels of customer satisfaction—when a good formula is put to use, again and again. In fact, recent research by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) indicates that... Read More