Madison Savoie

Madison Savoie

Madison is a Texas native with an insatiable wanderlust and need for great conversation. She is a lover of clever words, brilliant ideas, and food of all kinds. Madison is currently the ESG Go-To-Market Intern at Workfront where she researches the pain points associated with IT PMOs and addresses topics ranging from technological integration in the workplace to the creative process in improving productivity. When she's not working, she's studying and when she's not studying, she's sleeping. Rinse, Lather, and Repeat.
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Getting to Home Plate: How to Change Your Agency Workflow for Success

Abbott and Costello had it right: Who's on first, What’s on second, and I Don’t Know is on third. With over four million hits on Youtube, this classic comedy sketch from the 1950s is a delight to witness on stage, but is a different story when that same comical confusion clouds your work environment. Maybe your workplace is like this: you think you’re making perfect sense, but everyone else has joined I Don’t Know on third base. You’ve assigned tasks, completed spreadsheets, and sent out 50+ emails –none of which you forgot the attachments for! But just when you’re thinking... Read More

6 Tips to Conquer Your Workplace Communication Chaos

What kind of emailer are you? Perhaps you’re an email hoarder with zero unread emails, but over 52,000 emails you’ve kept over the years for, you know, sentimental reasons. Or maybe you’re the neat freak with only one unread email out of 50. Heaven forbid you should be the one in email denial with over 20,000 emails in your inbox, 19,999 of which are unread. Whatever your email personality, I think we can all agree on one thing: workplace communication can be a hassle and your heart sinks a little every time you realize that that dent you just made... Read More