Marcus Varner

Marcus Varner

Over the last nine years, Marcus Varner has worked in every type of content—from writing to video production to design. His focus is always on breaking through the clutter while engaging audiences with brands' most foundational messaging. He currently oversees all corporate- and awareness-level level content at Workfront.
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Marcus Varner
Marcus Varner

This is Sheila's post. It's the best thing ever. ... Read More

Poor Organization: 5 Ways It Can Be Fatal For Your Company

Neat freak. OCD. Anal retentive. These are the labels we reserve for people who are overtly organized, and, let’s face it, they’re not very nice. In society and media, villains are often portrayed as organization-obsessed killjoys and autocrats. Heroes nowadays are typically disheveled and charmingly disorganized—even once-clean cut Superman is now sporting some serious scruff. The underlying message here is plain: organization is bad, disorganization is virtuous. But what do we have against organized people and organization in general? Organized people make the rest of us feel self-conscious about our organizational shortcomings. Well-thought out systems make our dinky, slapped-together spreadsheets look bad. So we eye... Read More

Agile Marketing Survey: 5 Findings that Took Us By Surprise

Agile marketing. Everybody is talking about it. But despite all the claims and questions around Agile, so much of how marketers are using work management methodologies has remained shrouded in mystery. Earlier this year, for instance, we knew that many of our customers were using Agile—or at least, elements of it—to successfully organize and execute their work and get campaigns out faster. But we wanted to know more, like: Exactly how many marketers use Agile to manage their work? What other methodologies are marketers using to manage work? What makes some marketing teams pass on Agile while others embrace it? To get the answers... Read More

11 Gantt Chart Questions Answered

Have you heard of something called a “Gantt chart,” but you’re not exactly sure what it is or how it can help you? You’re not alone. To be honest, most people have little more than a vague understanding of the wonders of the Gantt chart—unless they’re lucky enough to be deeply immersed in project management processes and terminology. For the rest of us, who are just trying to manage our work better without having to catalogue the proper names of every chart and graph we use, there is still great value in getting acquainted with project management basics. And one of... Read More

July is "Organize Your Work" Month

We at Workfront are declaring the month of July “Organize Your Work Month.” It’s not a real holiday, not even in the way that July is National Hot Dog Month, National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, and National Blueberry Month. (Today, for the record, is also “Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day.”) Nevertheless, all month long on the Talking Work blog, we’ll be sharing tips and ideas around how to organize work, de-clutter processes, and streamline workflows for the second half of the year. Perhaps inspired by the hotter weather and beckoning vacations, many businesses naturally experience a lull in activity during the summer months.... Read More

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