Marcus Varner

Marcus Varner

Over the last nine years, Marcus Varner has worked in every type of content—from writing to video production to design. His focus is always on breaking through the clutter while engaging audiences with brands' most foundational messaging. He currently oversees all corporate- and awareness-level level content at Workfront.
Posts by Marcus

What is the Best Project Management Software for You?

So, you’re searching for the world’s best project management software to streamline your work processes, improve team communication and help you effectively track projects and tasks? Look no further than one of the 161 options listed here: Or maybe you could compare and contrast the 424 project management solutions featured on’s list, 118 of which include one or more user reviews, so you can gain hundreds of helpful insights from those who have actually used the software. If you find those user reviews too numerous and subjective to be useful, consider posting your question directly on a site like, including... Read More

Big DAM News for Creative Teams

Listen up, creative and marketing teams. Emails and messages like the following are about to become a relic of the past: “Hey, can you email me the latest headshot of our CEO? I’m not sure which one is approved for use in this campaign.” “Does anyone know if the red or the blue banner is the final one approved by the client?” “Are we missing any stakeholder approvals on new homepage design?” Why? Because there’s a new DAM tool in town. Workfront is excited to unveil a new DAM (digital asset management) solution that makes... Read More

What Animated Penguins Can Teach Us About Synchronous Work Communication

When team members are located in different zip codes, time zones, and countries—a trend that is continually on the rise—regular face-to-face work communication becomes all but impossible. This type of “synchronous collaboration” is automatic and happens throughout the day when employees share a workspace. But when employees are spread out geographically, synchronous collaboration must take place through video and audio conference calls that, more often than not, start out a little something like this: Yes, it sometimes feels like talking to your parents. While even the most powerful work management software can’t solve your Skype audio issues or prevent super-villain octopi from... Read More

How to Bring Balance to Creativity and Structure

As part of our "Structure Grows Creativity" project, we asked marketing thought leaders to give us their take on the ongoing "Structure vs. Creativity" debate. This is what Lee Odden, author and CEO at TopRank Online Marketing, had to say... Within a marketing environment, the balance between structure, and creativity couldn’t be more important. As a marketing practitioner and agency owner, it is the intersection of smart, creative and results focused work that differentiates marketing with impact from marketing noise. Benefits of structure: • Facilitates planning and scale of outputs • Enables consistency of outputs through processes • Structure creates efficiencies with task completion • The... Read More

Choosing the Structure is a Creative Moment

As part of our "Structure Grows Creativity" project, we asked marketing thought leaders to give us their take on the ongoing "Structure vs. Creativity" debate. This is what Chris Brogan, author and CEO at Owner Media Group, had to say... Ask any author what she fears the most and the answer is often “blank paper.” Ask a web developer to “whip up” a site for a company, and she will throw her arms in the air and go write badly about you behind your back. The best creativity comes when there’s a strong framework of structure to push against, but there’s... Read More

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