Marcus Varner

Marcus Varner

Over the last nine years, Marcus Varner has worked in every type of content—from writing to video production to design. His focus is always on breaking through the clutter while engaging audiences with brands' most foundational messaging. He currently oversees all corporate- and awareness-level level content at Workfront.
Posts by Marcus

Content Marketers’ Secret Superpower

For many content marketers, including myself, routine can be a lifesaver. Case in point: this morning, I am writing this blog post, which will be published this evening. Because I’ve done this hundreds of times before, I have a mental template in my head for this post. Also based on my experience and familiarity, I know that this endeavor will likely take about 1.5 hours of my day. This means I can finish it before lunch, with plenty of time left in the day for my blog manager to proofread, format, and set it to publish. Most importantly, because of this familiarity,... Read More

Marketing Compliance Made Easy

A quick visit to the Federal Trade Commission’s website will show you the latest issues that are in the government agency’s crosshairs, from student loan scams to wristbands that claim to prevent mosquito bites. The goal? To protect America’s consumers from misleading advertising and other unethical or deceptive business practices. As reported on the ProofHQ blog, there’s been a flurry of marketing compliance activity from the FTC in recent months. But who has the time to keep up with all of the updated guidelines, some of which are 16 pages long? (We’re looking at you, “Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements.”) After... Read More

Workfront User Conference Preview: Q&A with Chris Savoie

With our LEAP user conference coming to Florida next week, enjoy this quick Q&A with Workfront's director of product strategy, Chris Savoie, who will be presenting three sessions. Going into the Leap user conference this year, what are you most excited about? I'm really excited about two things in particular: I want to learn new ways customers are using Workfront to make their businesses better. I look forward to receiving feedback on the concepts we have planned for the future of the Workfront product. Can you give us a teaser for what you'll be presenting this year? One session is a wonderful demonstration on how... Read More

Workfront User Conference Preview: Q&A with Jackie Schaffer

With our Leap user conference just around the corner, enjoy this quick Q&A with Cella Consulting vice president and general manager, Jackie Schaffer, who is one of our presenters. Going into the Leap user conference this year, what are you most excited about? Warm weather and three nights of uninterrupted sleep! That aside, I am really excited to learn what Workfront will unveil this year. Last year included some very exciting announcements of enhancements that Cella’s clients were really interested in. I am hoping this year has a few of those again—Workfront is really listening and responding to what our industry wants... Read More

How to Build Teamwork: 45 Tips

How to build teamwork? You’ve had teamwork pounded into your psyche since you were a four-year-old budding soccer phenom. Now that you’re not a soccer star at all, but a concerned office inhabitant, you’re still trying to figure out teamwork—how to build teamwork, how to keep it going when the combined behaviors of your very human team seem determined to derail it. Most likely, you’ve seen teamwork accomplish great things. You’ve probably also seen the lack of it bring failure and shattered relationships in its wake. But can you put your thumb on what exactly creates and sustains great teamwork? Does... Read More

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