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How to Prioritize at Work: 3 Tips for Marketers

When you started in the game of marketing, you had brilliant ideas and the work ethic of a warrior. Yet, as is the norm for marketers, unpredictability and chaos abound. Urgent fires appear daily and push the work you planned to accomplish down lower on your endless to-do list. Frustrated and overwhelmed, even with spreadsheets and software to help, you sort and strategize and hope for the best. You aren’t alone. In fact, 68 percent of organizations have no process in place to help them prioritize projects, making work more a game of chance than strategy. “Until we can manage... Read More

How to Make a Project Plan That Works

Working on a marketing team throws you all kinds of challenges. While it’s stressful to manage all aspects of campaigns and their looming deadlines—sometimes the toughest part of your job is starting with a solid project plan. Nearly half of all marketers say they lack standard processes for workflow. Poor planning at the beginning of a project can lead to delays down the road. It’s helpful to have a standard set of steps to follow, but what are the key elements of a good project plan? Are you missing any steps in effective planning that would help you complete projects on... Read More

How To Stay Productive: 3 Quick Tips For Marketers

To work in marketing is to know the meaning of work chaos. Marketing activities can easily create more work than there are hours in a day. It’s no small feat to manage all the incoming work that comes your way—decide what to work on first, plan how to get it done, figure out who to involve. When you factor in a steady stream of email, a few meetings, and other common interruptions, the challenge of how to stay productive can seem pretty daunting. Marketers already feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to keep up. In fact, in... Read More

What is a Project Manager?

What comes to mind when you hear the title project manager? Do you picture the lead on a new version of a software product? Or maybe you visualize the person overseeing the design and build of a new site for a growing company? What about the expert in manufacturing pushing improvement in the production process of medical devices? You’ll also find a project manager (or often a traffic manager) at an agency driving the latest campaign deliverables to completion for a major retailer. Whatever industry you imagine, the role of a project manager refers to the professional charged with overseeing the... Read More

New Year, New Goals: Solving Your Agency Challenges in 2016

Agency life may be a respected and even glamorous endeavor, but running an agency is also a tough, cutthroat, and often thankless job. Agencies no longer reign supreme; there are new sources of competition, shrinking profits, and the revolving door of talent turnover. In-house agencies are on the rise and many online ads are purchased and sold automatically. These changes have drawn away both clients and creative talent, while placing pricing pressure on agencies by clients of all sizes. The ever-changing digital age presents new agency challenges—but the beginning of a new year can be a great time to energize... Read More

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