Raechel Duplain

Raechel Duplain

Raechel is a Southern California native with a need for sunshine, a detestation of snow, and a love for fiction, tacos, ridiculous cat memes, and word games. She manages the ideation and creation of all Workfront demand generation content for marketing departments, in-house creative services teams, and agencies—writing about topics related to the creative process and improving creative workflows. When she's not working, she typically spends time pretending like she's going to go for a run.
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Prioritization at Work

Most creative teams lack strategic prioritization Your team is overwhelmed with requests and constant interruptions—everything from small informational flyers to large lead generation email campaigns. You're working hard to get it all done, but the requests keep coming. Unfortunately, there is no good system for prioritizing or evaluating jobs based on strategic value, current workloads, or other important parameters. The current default is to say yes to everything in the name of being helpful or for fear of creating enemies. Saying "yes" can be expensive But always saying "yes" can carry a high price. According to Jon Weinstein, "The price of a 'Yes'... Read More

5 Marketing Solutions for In-House Creative Teams

Technology in the workplace has continually transformed the corporate world with each new advance — from typewriters to touchscreens, hard drives to Google Drive, WordPerfect to Wordpress. Each advance, each new app or website or “iDevice,” promises to solve a new pain or drive workflow efficiency; but despite all of technology’s progress, businesses still struggle to keep their processes efficient. Specifically, the struggle lies in transparency. A recent survey report of marketers and office workers in the UK showed that work-related stress stems from a lack of communication and visibility into the work done by others on the team. In-house creative... Read More

How In-House Creative Teams Can Improve the Client Experience

In-house creative services teams often feel they are treated like a fast food drive thru—where customers want service fast, cheap, and satisfying. I use this comparison often when writing about corporate creative teams because the data keeps proving it’s true. A 2015 survey report shows that 72 percent of in-house creative leaders listed client behaviors as one of their greatest challenges. And a recent study published by Workfront shows that over 50 percent of marketers struggle with client relationships. Usually when I write about this topic, I defend the creative team and offer tips on how to avoid being treated like a... Read More

Resource Utilization: How to Keep Your Creative Team’s Workload Balanced

In a recent survey of creative services teams, 89 percent of respondents claimed their teams were overloaded with work and nearly the same percentage said they were understaffed. Managers of those teams usually feel like they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they try to hire more team members, they’ll face a long and arduous journey of justifying headcount and expanding or reallocating their budgets (that’s only if they succeed in convincing their superiors that they need more help). And if they choose to cut down on how much work they accept, they could eventually see their... Read More

4 KPIs Every Creative Team Should Be Tracking

If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, did it really fall? If a creative team helps to increase the bottom line and can’t prove it, did it really help the business at all? I think both the tree and the creative team would get offended at these questions. Fortunately for the tree, it will never be able to hear the question. Unfortunately for the creative team, it will likely hear the question again and again until it finds a way to prove its value. Tracking the impact of a creative team in any company is a tricky task,... Read More

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