Raechel Duplain

Raechel Duplain

Raechel is a Southern California native with a need for sunshine, a detestation of snow, and a love for fiction, tacos, ridiculous cat memes, and word games. She manages the ideation and creation of all Workfront demand generation content for marketing departments, in-house creative services teams, and agencies—writing about topics related to the creative process and improving creative workflows. When she's not working, she typically spends time pretending like she's going to go for a run.
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How Email Contributes to the Illusion of Productivity Email is a bottomless pit where productivity goes to die. [caption id="attachment_8973" align="alignright" width="355"] The bottomless pit of email[/caption] Don’t believe me? Consider this example: It’s common in the workplace to hear the phrase, “Let me email that to you again so it’s at the top of your list,” from a coworker who needs something from you. The problem with this phrase is that email won’t be at the top of your inbox list for long. Your current top priority might not be their top priority and, even if you do see the email, it... Read More

Poll: Your Boss Doesn't Know What You Do

Raechel Duplain
Raechel Duplain

Last week, we put out a simple work management poll question to our blog visitors and social media friends:** "Does your boss know how much you contribute to your team?"** The results were surprising. Of all the folks who responded, one third of them responded, "Probably not." Another third of them replied, "Absolutely." A quarter of respondents said, "I hope so," while just over eight percent clicked, "Don't get me started." While these results are amusing, they also highlight a major struggle for team members in organizations of all sizes: the struggle to track and report on work done. According to our casual... Read More

Why "Structure Kills Creativity" is a Myth

When it comes to work management, there's a common belief on in-house creative teams, and amongst creative-types in general, that structure, boundaries, or processes stifle creativity. They're constantly telling each other to "think outside the box," or "test your boundaries!" I even saw a tweet by a design agency recently that said, "No structure = paradise. Chaos = creativity." So it's no surprise when many in-house creative teams do that exact thing. They resist structure and process and they end up with chaos. That chaos manifests itself in many ways, including (but not limited to): Receiving more... Read More

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