Sam Petersen

Sam Petersen

Sam has worked in a number of marketing roles in both the agency and corporate worlds, including creative services, marketing strategy, PR, investor relations, and corporate communications. He now sits on the solutions marketing team at Workfront Monday through Friday, and goes to the mountains or the pickle ball courts on the weekends.
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Agile Methodology for Marketers: A Brief History

When I first heard the buzz phrase, "Agile methodology," I honestly didn’t find it too revolutionary. I assumed it was a self explanatory phrase that meant you’ve gotta be quick and nimble and willing to change plans. I thought, “Has there ever been a time when that wasn’t the goal of a company?” Not until I joined Workfront, whose product supports Agile practices, did I learn that the Agile methodology is in fact a specific approach to work very different from traditional frameworks. It has its own manifesto and set of principles—and virtually every software development team has adopted it, with marketing... Read More

How to Manage Multiple Projects

Trying to manage multiple content marketing projects at one time can be a nightmare. On the same day I’m writing this post, I’ve spent time creating a presentation for our internal sales team, finalizing a storyboard for a tight-deadline video, reviewing the layout of a 30-page thought-leadership guide, updating asset folders in our DAM, and working with IT to fix an issue with my login credentials. And it’s not even noon. Surely the description of my morning isn’t far from what you experience daily. And you and I both know that some days are even crazier than what I’ve described. This is... Read More

What are the Different Personality Types Creative Teams Deal With?

One of the joys of working on an in-house creative team is that you get to work with an array of people with different personality types. There’s never a dull moment––amongst the team. The reality of in-house teams, though, is that you can choose your teammates but you can’t choose your clients. This is where working with an array of different personality types becomes a chore not a joy. In-house client personality types range from angelic to insufferable. But sadly, there always seem to be more insufferable clients than angelic ones. Maybe it’s because the rest of the company just doesn’t... Read More

How to Prioritize Projects with Agile Marketing

Agile marketing is proving more and more that it’s the Chuck Norris of making teams more productive and responsive to change and opportunity. One of the reasons Agile marketing is so effective is because it requires teams to learn how to prioritize projects strategically. Here’s the reality about project prioritization on marketing teams: it’s usually dictated, not by deliberate strategy, but by whatever fire is burning the hottest or wheel that’s squeaking the loudest. The Agile marketing methodology says, slow down, take 30 minutes at the beginning of your week to prioritize the projects that should be in your next sprint,... Read More

What is a Milestone in a Content Marketing Workflow?

Because content marketing is so new for most companies, many are still trying to figure out how to make it work for them. Consider that only 34 percent of companies feel their content marketing efforts are effective. In the hustle and bustle of trying to keep up with the digital world, content marketers struggle to organize their workflows, meaning it's even harder to find time to document project templates and milestones. A report from the Altimeter Group sums up what most of the current research on content marketing shows: “Despite an overwhelming trend toward content marketing and the need to... Read More

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