Announcing the newly revamped Talking Work blog

If you’ve been following this blog (and if you haven’t, hello and welcome!), you may have noticed that we’ve been on a brief hiatus. During that time,...
by Jon Ogden
1 week ago, 1 min read

4 KPIs Every Creative Team Should Be Tracking

If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, did it really fall? If a creative team helps to increase the bottom line and can't prove it, did it...
by Raechel Duplain
3 years ago, 4 min read

How to Create a Workflow

We all have informal processes for the things we do every day, from getting ready to go to work to deciding which emails to respond to first thing in...
by Shelbi Gomez
3 months ago, 6 min read

How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure

Between proposals, scope statements, and project plans, you might feel like you don’t need another document to create before you kick off a project....
by Heather Hurst
3 months ago, 7 min read

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