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To plan for success, prepare to pivot

With roughly a month to completely reimagine their major user conferences, Adobe and Workfront successfully pivoted to completely virtual events. Read how enterprise work management helps organizations rapidly shift plans, no matter how big.
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Why corporate planning must change: a Q&A on Workfront’s new Scenario Planner

Is annual planning a relic of the past? What’s the secret to effective strategic planning in today’s (disrupted) digital age? How can Scenario Planner, Workront’s new application, help large enterprises make smart, responsive decisions more quickly and easily? Workfront’s Director of Product Management, Michael Swan, has answers to these questions—and more.
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Redefining productivity in our new world of work

The five fundamentals of work, from the worker who does the work to the tools used to complete the work, were in flux even before the pandemic struck. Today, the notion of a 9-to-5 workday is evaporating and the tools available to get work done are evolving. In his article for Forbes, Workfront CEO Alex Shootman redefines what it means to productive in our new world of work.
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Is your martech accelerating productivity or slowing it down?

Workfront ISV partner stensul weighs in on Workfront’s Global Marketing Report, which found that marketers are forced to spend most of their time on tedious admin tasks and use disparate technology systems instead of focusing on high-value, creative work. Stensul CEO & Founder Noah Dinkin explains why integrated martech solutions are central to alleviating marketers’ frustrations and enabling strategic work.
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What marketers need most: creativity, agility, and strategic alignment

Our 2020 Global Marketing Report revealed marketers' top skills: creativity, agility, and speed. But there's a problem. The report also showed that marketers worldwide only get to focus on high-value work about 19% of the time (by way of contrast, knowledge workers in general spend about 40% of their time on their primary job duties). Jada Balster, Workfront's VP of Marketing, EMEA, offers a two-pronged approach that can help marketers reclaim time to do their best, most creative work.
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Digital transformation: 3 takes on changing a business from across the org chart

The clarion call to transform is sounding in businesses today louder than ever, but how should talent across the org chart respond? What questions are front-of-mind for CEOs compared to SVPs? How does that differ from the transformation agenda when it reaches department directors and managers? Workfront CEO Alex Shootman has answers.
Workfront customers achieve a 285 percent ROI with Workfront over three years

Forrester reveals how enterprises hit 285% ROI with Workfront

In an era of unprecedented change when enterprises need technology to accelerate productivity, improve visibility of work, and connect strategy to delivery, one solution delivers a 285% ROI, according to Forrester. That solution is Workfont, the subject of a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Workfront—an in-depth analysis of the potential cost savings and benefits of technology deployed by leading businesses.
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What are today’s high-performing marketing teams doing differently?

Marketers are trying to build brands and drive demand in a tumultuous business environment. How are high-performing marketing teams managing to unleash creativity against all odds in an environment of constant disruption and change? Workfront CMO Heidi Melin analyzed 2020 Global Marketing Report data and talked to Jennifer Johnson, the Director of Global Marketing Programs at Informatica, to find out.