digital transformation fail

Your Digital Transformation Will Fail If You Overlook These 2 Steps

By 2025 75% of the workforce will consist of digital natives. In addition, 43% of employed Americans now say they spend “at least some time working remotely” and 20-30% engage in freelance or independent work — meaning “going to work is becoming ‘logging in to work’.” Ready or not, change is coming. So how do you prepare? It all starts with two key steps.
by Jon Ogden
5 days ago, 4 min read
Mindful Deep Work

The Mindful Way to Actually Focus at Work

"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” — Alexander Graham Bell, inventor "It is...
by Jon Ogden
1 month ago, 5 min read

Announcing the Newly Revamped Talking Work Blog

If you’ve been following this blog (and if you haven’t, hello and welcome!), you may have noticed that we’ve been on a brief hiatus. During that time,...
by Jon Ogden
1 month ago, 1 min read

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