Terri Trespicio at LEAP 2017
May 7, 2018

12 Best Quotes From Terri Trespicio at LEAP 2017


LEAP 2017 rolls on and with it some great sessions on everything from Agile to productivity to creativity. I had the good fortune of sitting in on a superb session by speaker and brand alchemist Terri Trespicio entitled "Out of Juice: How to Reinspire Yourself—and Re-Engage at Work."

In a presentation chock full of invaluable tips and memorable quotes on jumpstarting your creativity and the sense of purpose behind your work, these are the 12 quotes that stood out the most:

1. You're already creative

"You're already creative...by design. That's what humans do: they create things. Too many of us think of it in terms of trait and talent which implies that some of us have it, and some don't. Wrong. You actually have everything you need to tap your creative abilities."

2. Getting over our Industrial Age hangover

"We are not in the Industrial Age. We're entering a new time: the Connection Economy. We do have an Industrial Age hangover. The Connect Economy relies on taking initiative, emotional labor, and acting like a human. That means it's your job to make art."

3. Giving your brain a fighting chance

"The emotional labor has a real cost, too. Balancing expectations. Managing relationships. Standing out. Work is easy, but people are hard. So you've got to give your brain a fighting chance. Sleep. Eat well. Don't eat stuff that makes you hate yourself. Move. Go analog."

4. Skip the morning news

"Don't go straight to watching the news when you wake up. When you first wake up, your brain is like freshly fallen snow. As soon as you watch the news, it's like letting Morning Joe and Matt Laurer trample all over your snow."

5. Run toward resistance

"When you feel resistance to doing that thing you should do, train yourself to run toward that thing, not away from it."

6. Get your internal bouncer out of the way

"Generate crazy, out-there ideas. Get your internal bouncer out of the way. Do as many as you can to get around the critics and filters. And don't be precious with your ideas. Your ideas are not made of glass. That would make them breakable and brittle, and that's not what they're for."

7. Ask why

"Pick a fight with old ideas. Challenge old ideas. Ask why. Then, ask why not. I don't mean aggression. I mean that playful back-and-forth."

8. Have down time

"Walk away. Why do you think you come up with so many great ideas in the shower or in the car or while you're working out? People who keep themselves busy all the time are generally not as creative."

9. Set limits

"Limits equal freedom in the creative process. You need deadlines. You gotta have a plan to create. Use real limits as a catalyst."

10. Own your work

"Commit. Own it. Half-assing is what's actually embarrassing."

11. Share your work with the world

"If you don't ship it, don't share it, your idea didn't exist. So many people say, 'I thought up Uber years ago.' And I say, 'Well, you didn't do it, so now some jackass is running Uber'."

12. Grow a thick skin

"We have to get used to wearing an emotional space suit every day."

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