Adobe Summit: The Digital Experience Conference. A free virtual event April 27-29.
March 16, 2021

3 reasons to take the leap—and attend Adobe Summit

If you’ve ever attended Leap, Workfront’s annual user conference, you understand the importance of continually adapting the way we all work to the realities of the day. In today’s soon-to-be post-pandemic world, that effort is more urgent than ever. So we must collectively turn our attention to the next summit—both figuratively and literally.

Adobe Summit is the world’s premier digital experience conference, and this year it will be free and completely virtual, April 27-29, 2021. The content you loved at Leap can now be found in a dedicated Collaborative Work Management Track at Adobe Summit, with dozens of sessions devoted to Workfront’s role in powering the people and processes behind digital work, as well as a super session led by Alex Shootman.

Besides expanding your skills, engaging with other “experience makers,” and being inspired to create exceptional experiences that drive business growth and customer loyalty—here are three more reasons to join us at Summit:

1. Adobe knows events.

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. As long-time partners and sponsors of Adobe events, we couldn't be more proud to participate in the premier digital experience conference. 

And any barriers to entry you may have experienced in the past are gone. The event is free, it’s virtual, and it’s run by a true global leader in the space. Here’s your chance to explore the latest technological and strategic trends and draw inspiration from thought leaders who are changing the world.

2. Relevant, world-class content.

Even before the acquisition, Adobe and Workfront shared more than 1,000 enterprise clients, meeting their business needs in different but complementary ways. So, at this year’s conference, you’ll have access to an even broader array of content that’s targeted directly to what you're experiencing day to day at work—regardless of your title or industry—including sessions like these:

  • Powering the Work Behind Great Customer Experiences, an innovation super session featuring Workfront’s VP & GM, Alex Shootman, and Head of Global Pre-Sales, James Chan, along with experts from WPP, Poly, and Penn State

  • Work Transformation: What It Takes to Lead featuring Phil Oster, Vice President of Technology with John Paul Mitchell Systems, and Steven Cappellucci, Sr. Director, Pre-Sales and Accenture GTM Lead with Adobe

  • Advanced Tips to Maximize Your Workfront Instance from Adobe Senior Solutions Advisor Kendall Burt

  • Evolving Work Management at the Happiest Place on Earth by Megan Reilly, Sr. Manager, Project Management, and Nick Zappas, Sr. Manager, Project Management with The Walt Disney Company

  • Agile Work Management for All from Adobe’s Melissa Pickering, Principal Product Manager, and Bakkavor’s Jane Bradshaw, PMO Specialist (Systems)

“We want to present meaningful examples, best practices, and use cases that are going to resonate the most with our customers,” says Wade Sherman, VP and Head of the Adobe + Workfront Integration. “We know, in this case, that means showing real-world examples of customers utilizing Workfront as their marketing system of record. Seeing that on the big screen or hearing a customer talk about that is so compelling because it grounds everyone in the message and helps to align it with their own business and work.”

Customer stories, work management best practices, and product expertise for both IT and marketing audiences will all be on the menu, with support and contributions from partners like Accenture, Allocadia, CapabilitySource, LeapPoint, Rego Consulting, Zee Jay Digital, IO Integration, WNDYR, Vantage Clever, and Optima.

3. Networking in the new normal.

Because it’s both virtual and free, Adobe Summit will draw a larger and more diverse audience together this year than ever before. Connect with subject matter experts from both Workfront and Adobe as well as peers in your own industry and others offering wide-ranging product knowledge and insights.

Adobe is even launching an interactive networking platform called Braindate that will enable you to engage and interact with Summit attendees, expanding your learning and your network. “It’s not just the content that draws people to Summit, but the ability to network and interact with experts at Adobe, and also your peers,” says Product Marketing Manager Vebeka Guess.

Don’t wait. Take the leap into Adobe Summit.

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