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Today, as we try to get work done, we have multiple teams working toward what we hope is a common corporate goal, yet we don't have a single, uniform and integrated way to manage all the types of work. We have 5, 10, even 20 different point solutions to manage it.

We have tools for requests. Tools for planning. Tools for task management. We have collaboration tools. Tools for status gathering and reporting. Don't forget document sharing.

Compounding the problem of too many point solutions is the fact that these solutions typically don't talk to each other—within a team, or across teams and departments.The result is confusion, poor visibility, and low productivity. It causes work to be late, over budget, incomplete, and ineffective.

The cost of this result is frightening. Check out this info graphic to see how these inefficiencies add up to big costs for companies like yours.

Think about what your company could do with the money saved by fixing poor work management processes? Think about what you could do with one tool to manage all of your work.

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We at Workfront are declaring the month of July “Organize Your Work Month. It’s not a real holiday, not even in the way that July is National Hot Dog...