Lion Award Finalists
May 1, 2019

Leaders in Modern Work: How the Workfront Lion Award Finalists Became Finalists

The rules of work management are changing. And Workfront customers are often the ones writing them.

That’s exactly why we created the Lion Awards — to showcase the groundbreaking work that Workfront customers are doing to transform work management within their organization. Winners will be announced next week at Workfront Leap in Dallas, and we want to give you a preview into the innovative work being done by each of our finalists in a variety of categories.

As leaders working to drive change in your own organization, their stories will inspire you to drive digital transformation at your own companies.

Workfront Change Leader

Change isn’t easy. But it is transformative. The Change Leader Award recognizes customers who have significantly transformed their work culture and created an environment where employees love their jobs.

  • Esri: Esri needed to break free of manual processes, legacy systems, and inefficient approval flows. They needed complete visibility into all marketing work from project initiation through channel execution — and they needed to achieve this in less than a year. So, they created a communication and training plan to help everyone in the organization use Workfront more efficiently. The result? Esri has created a truly integrated marketing organization.

  • Healthgrades: Healthgrades is an innovative company that felt they could do more to innovate on internal business processes. To drive change in the organization, they implemented Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model. The result? A more balanced revenue split between print and digital and a successful transformation into the digital age.

  • Anonymous: This finalist is known for telling amazing stories. They knew that when it came to product licensing and supply chain, inefficient processes were delaying product launches, so they created a best-in-class creative and brand assurance workflow solution. This allowed them to reengineer creative processes, gain more data-driven insights, increase productivity, and save time.

Workfront Innovator

Either by connecting the tools they already have, creating a unique use case, or improving on strategic alignment, these customers have found innovative ways to use Workfront in their organizations. The Innovator award recognizes customers who are blazing new trails in their organization.

  • Arthrex: Arthrex’s core value is Making People Better by developing innovative surgical products. They needed a more innovative way to keep track of work, manage workloads, and improve visibility. Using Workfront, they developed a common language of project execution including standardized project templates. They also integrated their BI tools in Workfront to connect people, processes, and technology — and create a system that’s easy for everyone to use.

  • Bloomberg L.P. - Studio: If you build it, they will come. That’s the approach Bloomberg L.P’s in-house creative studio took to ensure calendars and planning data from their proprietary campaign management tool synced up with the calendars and executional data in Workfront. They built two custom APIs to integrate the systems, creating a centralized system that resulted in cleaner work, fewer manual tasks, and lots of time saved.

  • Hackensack Medical: Since 2008, Hackensack Medical has conducted a quarterly paper-based survey on Pressure Ulcer Prevalence. The process of approving, distributing, and gathering insight from this survey was a very manual one, and Hackensack Medical was looking for a way to move away from paper-based processes and streamline approval flows. By implementing Workfront, they were able to create an  automated, digitized work management model in a traditional clinical setting.

Workfront Optimization Expert

Getting to “good enough” is the easy part. But optimizing processes and technologies to drive real change opens up the door to even better results. The Optimization award recognizes customers who have implemented and optimized their solution to enable exceptional business results and ROI.

  • JLL: JLL’s work management problems were familiar: Disconnected systems, little transparency, organizational silos, and competing priorities. To combat these issues, they decided to put Workfront to work as their mandated enterprise PPM tool. Now they’ve eliminated duplicative time tracking and project management tools as well as created an operational system of record.  

  • Tableau: Tableau was looking for a better way to wrangle tasks and bring projects to life, especially after their marketing department doubled in size in one year. To do this, they overhauled their Workfront instance to drive significant efficiencies in project delivery, tore down silos that were a source of confusion across teams, and automated repeatable workflows making collaboration on projects easier and faster. Now, their marketing PMO process gives everyone in the organization best practices on how to better manage work.

  • Thomson Reuters: Thomson Reuters needed a better way to manage marketing work requests, especially after restructuring the department to serve multiple lines of business. So they embarked on a journey to completely transform their marketing processes to get better work done, faster. By consolidating workflows, they increased their productivity and whittled down project timelines.

Workfront Rising Star

It pays to go all-in on a new technology from the start. The Rising Star award recognizes customers who have achieved significant results within their first year of implementation.

  • Lincoln Financial: Lincoln Financial was faced with a tall order: orchestrate the development of marketing collateral across 5 lines of business, each with their own CMO and complex processes. But first, they needed to transition work from a 10-year legacy platform. Lincoln Financial significantly improved project timelines and implemented a flexible, operational system of record that will grow with them and continue to drive transformation.

  • Synchrony - The Studio: The Studio implemented Workfront as a single robust project management tool to replace multiple, overlapping existing tools. But that’s only the beginning of the story. After seeing how The Studio improved processes and productivity using Workfront, the marketing solutions team at Synchrony onboarded their teams into Workfront. Now The Studio acts as consultants and subject matter experts on the implementation process.

  • T-Mobile: Before Workfront, T-Mobile’s marketing department says their efforts felt a lot like “herding cats, dogs, and zebras.” Processes were manual, campaigns were managed in spreadsheets, in-person meetings ruled, and time was being wasted. To tackle this problem, T-Mobile used product roadshows and trainings to scale their Workfront deployment across the organization. Now work is flowing. In their words, “chaos is managed and the zebras are under control.”

Workfront Visionary

For digital work processes to be successful, they need to be adopted across the organization.The Visionary award recognizes customers who are deeply involved in digital transformation and driving that transformation across their entire organization.

  • Arthrex: When it comes to business processes, predictability is a good thing. But for Arthrex, project work and timelines were anything but predictable. So, Arthrex rolled out Workfront to standardize templates and technology, improve communication, and give everyone in the organization better visibility into the work that matters most.

  • JLL: JLL was looking for a better way to manage projects and tasks, from the board level down. More importantly, they needed a way to ensure that projects and deliverables were aligned to larger strategic company initiatives and that collaboration was happening across the enterprise. So JLL went to work, connecting multiple lines of business in Workfront and tracking processes to better manage in-progress work. Now, they boast a product adoption rate that’s unheard of for companies of their size.

  • Viacom: Viacom knew what their technology stack was supposed to do. But aligning that technology to processes and people was a challenge. They needed more solidarity between their data and their technology to prove the ROI not only of their tech investments, but all of their efforts. Using Workfront, Viacom created more consistency around project standards and increased transparency to create a true operational system of record. Now, the entire organization has clear visibility into high-priority work.

The forward-thinking, innovative leaders at each of these companies are making huge strides to change the way work is done at their organization. Join us at Workfront Leap in Dallas May 6-9 to hear the winners and finalists  in each category.

  • Wednesday, May 8, 2:30pm: Workfront Innovator finalists
  • Thursday, May 9, 9:05am: Workfront Optimization Expert finalists
  • Thursday, May 9, 10:10am: Workfront Visionary finalists
  • Thursday, May 9, 10:10am: Workfront Rising Star finalists
  • Thursday, May 9, 11:15am: Workfront Change Leader finalists

Workfront Lion Award finalists and winners in London will be announced in the coming weeks.


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