May 7, 2018

Like our Video "Email in Real Life?" You'll Love These Outtakes

These outtakes are hilarious, but the effects of wasteful emails are anything but funny. After email and other administrative tasks, workers have only 39 percent of their time left for their primary job duties.

Email gets in the way and inhibits you from working on what's really important.

See our SlideShare "Business Email Etiquette: 7 Annoying Habits You Should Stop Right Now" to learn how you can make email more effective at what it's supposed to be for: communication.

The problem is that email was never meant to be a tool for status updates, project management, approval tracking, document storage, and collaboration, but that’s what it has become for far too many employees.

When you try to use email like this, you are wasting time searching for documents in a sea of messages and attachments, sifting through status updates and "reply all" messages that don't apply to you, and trying to manage projects in a tool that just doesn't work that way.

Workfront Enterprise Work Management Kills Chaos and Inefficiency

But, there is a solution to the chaos and inefficiency of email. Our cloud-based work management tool makes it possible to get status updates, organize documents, collaborate, and more all without using email, so things are faster and much more efficient. 

Workfront eliminates disparate tools, miscommunication, silos, and unwanted interruptions, so you can spend more time getting work done and less time trying to wrangle email.

Download our free white paper "Enterprise Work Management and The Future of Collaboration" to find out why more emails is not the answer and to learn a better way to collaborate.

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