live with purpose and find your why
May 7, 2018

Michael Junior at LEAP 2017: "Live with Purpose and Find Your Why"

In case you've missed our coverage so far, this week is Workfront's user conference, known affectionately as LEAP 2017. As part of the conference, I attended a keynote by comedian and motivational speaker Michael Junior. I laughed. I cried. I learned something new about finding one's purpose in life.

Michael started his keynote by talking about his tendency to look for the unusual in usual places. There, he says, he finds some amazing jokes that move people to laughter, because that is his “Why." 

And how does Michale define a person's Why? Check out this video:

It’s easy to watch a great singer quickly find his Why in song and think, “I could never do that”. According to Michael, we need to stop thinking that way and instead “turn your difficulties into strengths.”

As an example, Michael shared that he, as a child, had a reading disability. He had to learn his own way of reading by looking at the words 7 different ways. This he admits was difficult, but it also became a skill that would fuel his career in comedy, where he thrived by looking at the world differently.

Finding your Why, says Michael, is much like comedy. First, there’s the setup. In life, your setup is your talents, resources, and opportunities. It’s what you’ve received in life. If you use your setup for other people, then you get to deliver the punchline. The punchline is what you’re called to deliver. To your job. To your neighbors. To your family. It’s what becomes your drive.

“Walk toward your purpose," Michael says. "It inspires those around you to act.”

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