OKR examples for CEOs
March 26, 2019

OKR examples for CEOs

Because OKRs (objectives and key results) are used to align all teams with an organization’s top goals, your entire company’s OKRs are only as effective as the ones you set at the very top. Therefore, it’s critically important to make sure you’re setting CEO-level goals effectively.

To help set effective executive-level goals, here are some OKR examples for CEOs you can refer to.

5 OKR examples for CEOs

Objective: Sell $10M in bookings

  • KR: Win 1,000 deals worth $10M in bookings by 12/31/17

  • KR: Generate 50,000 marketing qualified leads

Objective: Grow our business

  • KR: Grow revenue to $3M

  • KR: Launch the new product

  • KR: Reduce churn to <5% annually through customer success

Objective: Please our customers

  • KR: Collect feedback from 20 customers/month

  • KR: Boost customer retention to 97%

  • KR: Maintain NPS of 9

Objective: Strengthen our corporate culture

  • KR: Roll out a continuous two-way feedback loop via weekly surveys

  • KR: Maintain an average employee satisfaction score of 8 or higher

  • KR: Create & launch new mentorship program by the end of Q3

Objective: Successfully launch our new product by the end of Q2

  • KR: Develop 15 customer case studies by 4/30/17

  • KR: Secure an award at an industry conference

  • KR: Get into the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Once you have a balance of both aspirational and operational CEO-level OKRs, you can then begin to cascade your goals throughout the rest of the company to achieve organizational alignment. 

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