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May 7, 2018

3 Keys to Project Management Success


"Please share a remarkable leadership secret that had a major impact on an enterprise project you have managed. Please tell the story and the results that you achieved."

Today we highlight the response of Tony Toglia, Director, Project Management Office at Rideout Health.

My story goes back 18 months, when my team and I kicked off an implementation for a full-blown enterprise-level healthcare system. The project involved multipoint integration and drastic changes to current business practices. There were significant risks and issues involving the design and build decisions. We also struggled to bring more ownership to the project team to facilitate the focus required for the work. We needed to tackle these challenges before they affected the critical path of the project. Therefore, I divided my approach into leveraging three related concepts: ownership, transparency, and accountability.

First, we focused on facilitating ownership. We made things easy and provided incentives. We concentrated project data into our project management information system, Workfront, for one-stop shopping. I authorized giving stakeholders direct access to Workfront, which provides one-click automated HTML email to communicate project information. It also serves as a forum for project discussion, providing context, nurturing engagement, and driving ownership.

Second, we focused on transparency. We built "late task" reports, and Workfront sent them out to the team via automated email on a weekly schedule. I included stakeholders from all areas of the organization, not just IT and not just the team members, which helped elevate stakeholder interest, bring transparency, and break down silos, subsequently driving success.

3 Key Lessons Learned:

  1. Facilitate ownership of project elements.
  2. Build Transparency into the process.
  3. Ensure accountability.

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