Video Blog: Things That Are Important to a CMO

by Joe Staples
, 1 min read
things that are important to a cmo

Joe Staples: I have been a CMO for over 18 years, and certainly the demands and requirements for a CMO over that time have changed pretty dramatically. But the real question is, what's important to a CMO today? It really comes down to kind of four things for me.

The first one is visibility. CMOs need to avoid surprises. They need visibility into trends. They need visibility into the competition. They need visibility into the heartbeat of what's going on inside of their marketing team.

Next, and certainly high on every CMO's list, is not only how to generate demand, but how to generate demand that converts. And there's a lot of tools to help with that. There are a lot of different methods, but it really comes down to "How do I get in front of that right buyer and how do I get them to take action?"

The next item is, how do you cut through the clutter? As a marketer, I know that my target prospect is being bombarded by all kinds of media types, a number of different vendors, competitors to me, and I have to figure out, how do I cut through the clutter. That comes down a lot to creativity, but also to the method I use to reach out to that buyer.

Lastly is a focus on the brand. We talk about it with the three A's of a brand: brand awareness, brand association, and brand advocacy. So the first challenge with branding is, can I just make you aware of my brand? Next is, can I develop some kind of association, a relationship with you built on the attributes of my brand? Finally, can I get you to engage with our company so much that I turn you into a brand advocate, where you're actually out there, sharing content, sharing ideas, and sharing your experience?

So, again, important to most CMOs, comes down to visibility, generating demand that converts, cutting through the clutter, and then developing those brand attributes that really resonate with your prospects.

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