The tools you need to make digital transformation possible
May 7, 2018

The Tools You Need to Make Digital Transformation Possible

According to expert forecasts, enterprises will spend a staggering $1.3 trillion on digital transformation technologies in 2018—an increase of 16.8% over the previous year.

If history is any indication, 70% of these initiatives will not reach their stated goals, meaning over $900 billion will be wasted applying digital capabilities to improve efficiencies, reduce risk, increase customer value, and discover new monetization opportunities.

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The ultimate success of digital transformation efforts is dependent on employees working together to achieve the stated goals of the business. But not just a few united teams—the entire company must pull together to drive success.

An operational system of record like Workfront can give your teams the ability to work smarter, together. Smarter and more collaborative work is now possible thanks to Workfront’s latest capabilities, which, among other things, empower teams to:

Say Yes to the Right Work with Resource Planner

Doing more work isn’t the best policy when it runs your team into the ground. Work smarter across your organization with Workfront’s Resource Planner when you…

  • consider a project’s financials before assigning people to work on it.
  • compare scenarios before finalizing your plan.
  • communicate with quick visual cues indicating when your team can take on more work.

Drive Work Forward with Workfront + Jira

You work in Workfront. Your constant collaborator in another department is in Jira. Now when those updates are made in Jira, they’ll be reflected in your Workfront tasks. No copy/paste required or technology barriers standing in your way.

Work smarter across departments when you integrate Workfront and Jira to…

  • create a holistic view of the work your department accomplished.
  • automate workflows between teams.
  • save time by eliminating manual data entry and duplication.

Produce Your Best Work with Proofing, Review & Approval Tools

Your digital content matters. Collaborate and deliver that content faster than ever before. Work smarter across collaborative teams with the new proofing experience and…

  • personalize your markup colors so they stand out.
  • quickly find comments with the new search.
  • work faster with new shortcuts and video buffering.

For a visual tour of this release, check out this video:

Why We Do What We Do

Most organizations suffer from a silo mentality, with different functional areas failing to effectively communicate, coordinate, and collaborate around transformation initiatives—even those that would benefit everyone.

To exacerbate the problem, each team relies on vastly different tools, workflows, and methods of storing and accessing data.

Faced with such widespread disorganization, knowledge workers are stuck in a work environment that is largely analog and siloed, with manual and repetitive work swallowing up more than half of their workday, according to our recent study.

Modern enterprise workers waste hours of precious time—up to 56% of the workday—trying to navigate the seams within and across silos while doing cross-functional and cross-team work. This problem is compounded by functional areas having different tools, procedures, collaboration practices, management methods, and measurements.

These pressures have led thousands of the world’s best brands to choose Workfront. As the leading enterprise platform for modern work management, Workfront modernizes how organizations succeed by empowering teams and departments to work together, and work smarter, in ways not possible before.

Let’s work smarter together, because your work matters.

Customers can access more details of the release here.

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