Workfront-Adobe Integration is a Big Win for Creative Teams

by Shelbi Gomez
, 1 min read
workfront-adobe integration for creative

Software integration to the rescue. When two companies that provide separate but complementary services decide to team up, everyone wins—especially the customer. And Workfront's newest integration with Adobe Experience Manager and Creative Cloud is a big win for creative teams.

MarketingCloud41, an industry blog that focuses on solutions within Adobe Marketing Cloud, recently reported:

"Despite the amazing tools available in Adobe Marketing Cloud, there is no way for creatives to effectively streamline their design production processes or marketers to have a centralized repository of all approved creative assets to use at their disposal. The Workfront integration with Adobe Experience Manager and Creative Cloud make this possible."

What does this mean for you? Say you get a notification from Workfront that you've been assigned to create a new set of website banners. So you open up Photoshop and whip up a few amazing designs. Without leaving Photoshop, you use the Workfront extension to easily send those banners through review cycles associated with work tasks that are already in progress.

No need to open up your project management solution, find the task, upload the banners manually, tag the reviewers, and mark the task done. Five steps have just been condensed into one.

And just wait until you hear how this integration can help you create a centralized repository of all approved creative assets. Hello, version control.

Read more from MarketingCloud41 about how "creatives and marketers can achieve their goals easily, efficiently, and effectively" thanks to this exciting integration.

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