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May 7, 2018

Workfront Customers Empowered to Weigh In With New Idea Exchange


A work management solution is only as good as its ability to listen to its customers' needs. That's why Workfront is excited to introduce its launch of a new way to submit, vote, and track customer feature suggestions: the Workfront Idea Exchange.

The Idea Exchange lets customers submit suggestions and ideas easier than ever, with a simple interface to vote up the best ideas and track favorites. From the very start, the Idea Exchange is featuring the top suggestions, and voting is open right away.

How the Workfront Idea Exchange Works

The Idea Exchange will be open to authorized support contacts to submit, vote, and discuss ideas with other customers. Authorized support contacts may submit as many ideas as they want and vote on as many ideas as they want, but can vote only once up or down for each idea.

Once an idea has achieved a critical mass of votes, the Workfront product management team actively reviews the suggestion. Customers will have definitive communication within 30 days of an idea passing a critical mass threshold, with status updates and notifications.

Workfront’s new Idea Exchange offers customers transparency into feature requests, along with a robust process for you telling us what’s most important. Ideas and feedback from customers are valuable insights into how our platform can best innovate for the enterprise. Work matters, and so do your ideas.

If you're a customer, what idea will you be submitting to the Idea Exchange first? If you're a non-Workfront customer, how important is it to you that your solution vendors listen to your feedback? Tell us in the comments below!


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