multitasking hurts your brain

6 Reasons Multitasking Hurts Your Brain

By Shelbi Gomez | Senior Communications Manager at Workfront *** There’s a scene in Arrested Development where an unconventional couple discusses the...
by Jon Ogden
7 hours ago, 8 min read
workfront state of work

The State of Work Report 2018

More than ever, work is in flux. Each year brings a slew of new business apps — technology that replaces outdated solutions such as filing cabinets...
by Jon Ogden
1 week ago, 8 min read
state of work sneak peek

2018-2019 State of Work: Sneak Peek

What gets in the way of your work most often? What is the most common source of conflict at work? What percentage of the day-to-day aspects of your...
by Jon Ogden
1 week ago, 1 min read

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