6 Steps for a People-First Approach to Tech Adoption

“This is too hard. Why can’t I do it the old way?”

Sound familiar?

It’s a common refrain whenever a team adopts a new technology. Almost without exception, what’s new requires going through a learning curve, and so by definition change is hard.

And yet as a leader, it’s your job to motivate your

5 Ways to Be a Rockstar Employee in the Digital Age

Right now it’s more important than ever that businesses employ rockstar employees. I’m not talking about employees who show up on time, meet deadlines, and are reliable, although those characteristics are certainly important.

I’m talking about true rockstars — those who are ready for the future of

What Is an Operational System of Record?

Did you know the term “computer” has been a part of the English lexicon for more than 400 years? The first known written reference dates from 1613.

Of course it meant something quite different back then; a computer was a person who performed mathematical calculations. It still meant that as

How to Be On Time and On Budget Without Sacrificing Quality

Most of us have heard that you can’t have it all; a project can’t be on time, on budget, and high quality. Something has to give. If you want to meet a strict deadline or come in under budget, you’ll have to compromise on quality. It’s known as the “triple constraint” of project management, and

Project Management for Beginners: Answers to 3 Common Questions

In this age of digital transformation, as company hierarchies continue to flatten, an increasing number of employees across all industries are finding themselves wearing the “project management hat,” whether they have a background in managing projects or not. 

If you’ve just landed in a position