Consultant’s Angle: The Three P’s of Project Management

As a consultant charged with a project at a new client, you don’t know what is going to clobber you as walk through the door that first day. You may find your project team is exceedingly hostile, you sit three feet from the train tracks, and rats will steal your lunch (a true client story).

But you

Off-Mic with Masterful Marketers: How Jay Baer Does Great Work

This is the sixth post in our “Off-Mic with Masterful Marketers” series. We sat down with some of the most inspiring, influential speakers from marketing events around the world to discuss productivity, making work meaningful, and managing teams to do great work. The previous post featured advice on

Rolling out Scrumban with Andrea Fryrear

This year, our special guest star on all things Agile marketing, Andrea Fryrear, will be providing Agile marketing newbies with a monthly step-by-step guide to their first year as an Agile marketer. This post is the sixth in the series. Enjoy!

Chicken and waffles.

Chocolate and peanut butter.


Keeping Your Work Organized … As it Happens

Keeping work organized is a fool’s task in today’s world.

The win-at-all-cost mentality of most businesses forces us to have too much to do and too little time to do it in so we sacrifice seemingly non-essential tasks (like the 10 to 15 minutes each morning to get organized for the day).

See our

Why Change Initiatives in The Workplace Fail

Dr. Craig Knight is the founding director of corporate psychology firm Haddleton Knight, director at Identity Realization Limited, and a faculty member at the University of Exeter. He specializes in the psychology of working environments with especial regard to well-being, creativity, and

The 8 Dos and Don'ts of Change Management

Jada Balster is a marketing director with 12-plus years of B2B marketing experience. Jada is a respected marketing thought leader who is a regular contributor to marketing publications and a speaker at industry events. As marketing director at Workfront, she is responsible for leading the EMEA

5 Biggest Motivators for Knowledge Workers: New Workfront Survey

“What motivates knowledge workers?”

It’s a common question asked by office workers and their managers around the world today. Since motivation at work is essential in being able to consistently produce one’s best work, business leaders are desperate to know how they can harness that motivation.