Kanban System for Agile Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

The Scrum methodology is one of the most popular ways for new teams to adopt an Agile marketing approach, but it’s by no means the only option.

In fact, many former practitioners of Scrum in the world of software development have found Kanban, either used alone or in conjunction with Scrum, to be an

10 Martech Solutions That Make the Biggest Impact

By now you’ve probably seen the supergraphic charting the ever-expanding landscape of marketing technology. It’s due for a 2017 update anytime now, but the 2016 version featured literally thousands of pieces of software created to solve the problems that marketers face each day.

Grab your

Montgomery College's Shiny New Intake Process

Harriet Beasley was facing a few challenges at Maryland's oldest community college, Montgomery College, where she’s a PPM (project portfolio manager) in the OIT PMO (Office of Information Technology’s

32 Tips to Choose the Right Work Solutions

Advances in technology happen much faster than ever before. We now see major jumps in user experience, speed, storage, and more with each new release instead of each year, decade, or century. The goal of the technology we use at work is to make us more productive. But with that comes challenges.


Off-Mic with Masterful Marketers: How Ann Handley Does Great Work

This post is the first in our “Off-Mic with Masterful Marketers” series. We sat down with some of the most inspiring, influential speakers to discuss productivity, making work meaningful, and managing teams to do great work.

“Marketing is art plus intent.” —Ann Handley

For most of us, creativity