5 Secret Killers of Your IT PMO: Part 3

In a recent webinar, project management experts Naomi Caietti, director and managing editor at Naomi Caietti Consulting, and Nick Scholz, solutions marketing manager at Workfront, shared five secret IT PMO killers and tips for overcoming them. What follows is the third in a three-part recap of the

How the Game of Thrones Houses are Like PM Methodologies

Do you want to know the fastest way to start a fight at a project management convention? It is easy. All you have to do is jump on the stage and ask the audience: "Which project approach is the best?"

I guarantee that everyone in the convention will give you a different answer. Even those that

30 Tips to Take the Pain Out of Reporting

Reporting. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a necessary part of work life. Regardless of where you fit on the love/hate spectrum for reporting, there is always something you can do to make it a little less painful, more engaging, and helpful for everyone involved.

Below are 30 tips to ensure

4 Ways to Bring Sexy Back to Governance

No matter the department you work in, I’m sure you want to create seamless experiences for your company and customers. That’s hard to do when so many groups contribute to success, but don’t always collaborate well together.

Enter governance, a central group that oversees standards and looks out for

3 Workplace Revolutions and Future Innovations

There’s a major shift happening in the workplace right now. The way we collaborate, plan projects, and manage our workload is changing, and if businesses aren’t ready they will quickly be left behind.

Understanding exactly what is causing this change gives us some insight into what businesses can

3 Tips For Surviving the Modern Office

In the cult classic Office Space, there’s a scene where not one, but three managers stop by Peter’s desk to see if he got the memo on the new TPS report cover sheets. Because Peter did it the old way once.

By the third disinterested manager who didn’t listen to him, Peter was visibly upset—his work

9 Change Management Principles in Action: Insight from the Front Lines

Implementing change of any kind can be hard, even within the most agile organizations.

When it comes to implementing new processes or software, the learning curve can make it extremely difficult to get employees on board. Humans are mostly creatures of habit, after all, so anything that forces us