project quality management

The Basics of Project Quality Management

Quality Planning Quality Assurance Quality Control Quality Planning A good quality plan starts with a clear definition of the goal of the project....
by Marcus Varner
4 years ago, 1 min read
indicators of inefficient work management

Six Indicators of Inefficient Work Management

It's simple. All managers need in order to effectively manage their team's work is to be able to answer these six questions: No biggy, right? Easy...
by Workfront
5 years ago, 2 min read

Stakeholders: Who's Who in the Zoo?

Last month's post looked at different definitions of the word ‘change' and how, when not clearly defined, can result in a host of issues and noise...
by Workfront
5 years ago, 3 min read
operational system of record

What Is an Operational System of Record?

Did you know the term “computer” has been a part of the English lexicon for more than 400 years? The first known written reference dates from 1613. Of...
by Jon Ogden
3 min read

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