Corral the Chaos: 3 Ways to Simplify Request Management

If you’re like most teams, requests come at you from all directions every single day, keeping you from truly being productive and focusing on your most important work. 

You probably waste a lot of time sorting through emails, following up on sticky-note requests, and handling surprise meetings that

3 Steps to Comprehensive, Real-Time Status Updates on Your Team

Status meetings have become a sort of necessary evil in today’s workplace. The project manager needs to know what’s going on and the hope is that teammates will have a chance to collaborate if they keep each other updated on their work. Unfortunately, these meetings are never very effective.


10 Reasons You Need an Operational System of Record

Managing work and the processes that make it happen can be a challenge for any size organization. With a variety of systems in place—from purchasing to project management to proofing to accounting, not to mention home-grown processes for every procedure—the hodgepodge of platforms can be

How to Become a Project Manager: Two Paths

If becoming a project manager interests you, this is your post. First, know that project management requires a unique combination of skills.

Project managers need to manage deadlines and ensure your team sticks to its scope of work, while having the people skills to motivate and encourage your team

Simplify to Succeed: 6 Quick Workflow Tips

How many big businesses succeed? It depends on how you define success. And how you define a big business.

According to a Bain & Company survey, only 11% of public companies with more than $500 million in sales become “sustained value creators.” Two-thirds of the companies in this group stagnate,

How to Plan a Project

A project plan, also called a project management plan, defines the scope and objective of a project. Developing a project plan is one of the most important steps in ensuring a project is delivered on-time and on-budget. 

It doesn’t matter if the project is a new website or a new building—a project

3 Keys to Surviving in the Age of Digital Transformation

When your product becomes a verb, you know you’ve reached critical mass—with name recognition, at least. It may even mean you’ve achieved market domination. We’ve all watched it happen with Google, Photoshop, Skype, FaceTime, and other brands.

TiVo, it seems, had reached this vaunted status, only