How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure

Between proposals, scope statements, and project plans, you might feel like you don’t need another document to create before you kick off a project.

But the more clarity you can provide up front, the more likely it is that your project will be on time and within budget—and avoid being among the 25%

How to Create a Workflow

We all have informal processes for the things we do every day, from getting ready to go to work to deciding which emails to respond to first thing in the morning. Processes help us make sense of the complex things we do, and getting them down on paper helps cement them in our minds and gives us a

Embrace the Suck: How to Make Mundane Tasks More Meaningful

Imagine ranking every task of your working week on a scale from “I do this to pay the bills” to “I do this to make a difference.”

Each end of the scale represents how motivated you feel: from trudging through tedious-but-necessary tasks to challenging work that pushes you to perform at your peak.

4 Ways to Be a Visionary Leader in the Digital Age

It has always been important for leaders to establish vision to inspire their teams and lead them to success. But with the coming age of automation, it’s going to be even more important that leaders win both their team members’ heads and hearts.

Why? Because as mundane, administrative tasks become