CEO Alex Shootman talks to a customer on a Zoom call

Digital transformation: 3 takes on changing a business from across the org chart

The clarion call to transform is sounding in businesses today louder than ever, but how should talent across the org chart respond? What questions are front-of-mind for CEOs compared to SVPs? How does that differ from the transformation agenda when it reaches department directors and managers? Workfront CEO Alex Shootman has answers.
Workfront customers achieve a 285 percent ROI with Workfront over three years

Forrester reveals how enterprises hit 285% ROI with Workfront

In an era of unprecedented change when enterprises need technology to accelerate productivity, improve visibility of work, and connect strategy to delivery, one solution delivers a 285% ROI, according to Forrester. That solution is Workfont, the subject of a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Workfront—an in-depth analysis of the potential cost savings and benefits of technology deployed by leading businesses.
A copy of the 2020 Workfront Global Marketing Report sits on a wooden desk

What are today’s high-performing marketing teams doing differently?

Marketers are trying to build brands and drive demand in a tumultuous business environment. How are high-performing marketing teams managing to unleash creativity against all odds in an environment of constant disruption and change? Workfront CMO Heidi Melin analyzed 2020 Global Marketing Report data and talked to Jennifer Johnson, the Director of Global Marketing Programs at Informatica, to find out.
A cairn of rocks sits in the middle of a stream

How to optimize productivity in fragmented workplaces

With fast-changing markets, fragmented teams, and unprecedented business disruption, how can enterprise work management help leaders maintain productivity on the right work? Scott Lee, Workfront VP of Product, says a three-part framework centered on agility, alignment, and autonomy can help guide work management strategies.
Phil Oster is the Vice President of Technology at John Paul Mitchell Systems

Inside John Paul Mitchell Systems' extraordinary COVID-19 response

Phil Oster, VP of Technology at John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS), talked to us over Zoom about his company's extraordinary response to the pandemic—including a $4 million salon stimulus package and hand sanitizer production line—and tips for adapting to constant change, like relying on enterprise work management to reduce anxiety levels while keeping teams productive.
Rego consulting is a Workfront 2020 Partner of the Year

Experienced at experience: Streamlining systems for digital delivery

Customer experience as a strategic business pillar is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it's an opportunity to seize market share; on the other hand, the digital dynamics driving the opportunity tend to stymie organizations. Read about how Workfront and Rego Consulting, an industry leader in project and portfolio management and 2020 Workfront Partner of the Year, partner to help Adobe achieve the full benefits of today's digital dynamics.
A person sits at their desk on a virtual meeting

6 ways to have inclusive virtual meetings

SVP of people and culture Laura Butler shares how leaders can take an inclusive approach to virtual meetings, reduce unconscious bias, and ensure every voice has an equal chance to be heard.
Workfront employees march at the Utah Pride Festival

Why we march: A walk down Pride memory lane

With Pride parades canceled or delayed, we wanted to look back on Workfront’s participation in past events, like the Utah Pride Festival, to celebrate our ongoing commitment to creating a welcoming workplace where everyone knows and feels that they belong. Here's why we march.
Workfront Leap 2020 virtual conference

Top 5 sessions from Leap: On-demand learning with work management leaders

It has been one week since our first virtual Leap event. Now you can view the keynote and breakout sessions on demand or drop into the Networking Lounge or Experience Zone. Whether you’re already part of the Leap virtual experience or just joining now, we’ve curated our top five favorite breakout sessions (so far) for your viewing list.