project portfolio management visionary

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Needs Visionaries

By Michael Swan, Product Manager at Workfront


Digital transformation — the shift from analog information and manual processes to agile, data-driven business processes for efficiency and innovation — has revolutionized businesses in nearly every industry. There’s no question that digital

Let’s be clear on definitions: OKR, MBO, Goal, Objective, KPI and Metric

Let’s be clear on definitions: OKR, MBO, Goal, Objective, KPI and Metric

Many words and phrases are used interchangeably in the business world, but at a certain point, we must refer back to their true definitions to get clarity about what’s really being said. Even at Workfront we occasionally use “goal” and “objective” interchangeably to avoid being overly pedantic. In

smart disruption

Smart Disruption: Sustain and Disrupt Your Work the Right Way

By Kayla Lamoreaux, Lead, Principal Enterprise Solution Architect at Workfront


“Disruption is not just about technology changing; it is about changing the logic of a business.” — Stanford Professor William Barnett

The Modern Work Dilemma

Modern work innovation comes in two forms

What are Key Performance Objectives?

What are Key Performance Objectives?

Depending on how your organization chooses to define them, key performance objectives are often used to refer to outcomes for your team, or measurements that determine how well they’re performing. Sometimes, this phrase is used interchangeably to refer to OKR goals, but here we’ll clarify the

bike tour business

6 Steps to Align your Business: Lessons From a 1,000-Mile Bike Tour

By Jessica Leauanae, Learning Program Manager at Workfront  |  Adapted from the Leap Dallas 2019 Presentation: "Who Do You Serve? How Good Leaders Align Stakeholder Interest"


A year ago I participated in my first-ever bicycle tour — the Tour De Provo Peloton. It was a 90-day race to see

10 disadvantages of poor performance management

10 disadvantages of poor performance management

You know about the advantages of having a strong continuous performance management system—it helps align and track measurable goals, creates an ongoing feedback loop for coaching, and boosts engagement through recognition—but are there any disadvantages to not having ongoing performance management?

transformational leader

The 10 Essential Qualities of a Transformational Leader

By Scott Lee, VP of Product Marketing, and Jon Ogden, Senior Manager of Content Marketing


There’s a shift underway in how enterprises operate.

Just look at four basic elements of operations:

  • Leadership
  • Outcomes
  • Work execution
  • Cadence

In many organizations today, leadership