A 5-Step Guide to Strategic Planning for Business Leaders

Business leaders don’t often find success by pure luck. In most cases, success starts with a goal, motivation, and a detailed strategic plan. Those who take the time to develop a comprehensive strategic plan find it easier to remain focused on what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and how they

The Right Way to Measure Work Performance: Results, Not Tasks

By Jon Ogden | Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Workfront


Most startups fail.

Most novelists have day jobs.

Most actors barely scrape by, totally unnoticed.

And yet…

A few startups make millions, a few novelists get read around the world, and a few actors are among the most

5 Work Performance Indicators that Will Make You a Better Leader

By Heather Hurst | Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Workfront


There’s a famous business adage that says, “If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist.” But only slightly less well known is this: “If you can’t see it, you can’t measure it.” (Also “never go in against a Sicilian when

The Future of Work Will Be Human — If We Make It So

By Jon Ogden | Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Workfront


Have you ever seen two sharks carry on a conversation about the nature of the universe? Or a hive of bees debate what the future of work might look like five years from now, given a hazy economic forecast?

We humans do these