Team Goals Done Right: 5 Secrets from the Experts

By Shelbi Gomez | Senior Content Manager at Workfront


You’ve probably seen the hashtag all over Instagram: #relationshipgoals #squadgoals #fitgoals, or simply #goals. It’s a shortcut way to say, “I want a relationship like that, a group of friends like that, a body like that, a work

Project Quality Management: 6 Ways to Do It Right

The importance of quality in business cannot be overstated. In his book, Done Right, Workfront CEO Alex Shootman uses the history of the American car industry as an example. “In the 1970s and 1980s, the big American automakers started to lose global and domestic market share to their Japanese

3 Questions to Motivate Your Team in the New Year

By Jon Ogden | Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Workfront


“If you lead any type of work,” Workfront CEO Alex Shootman writes in his book Done Right, “you’re accountable to motivate others to do that work well.”

To help readers know how to motivate others, Alex outlines three essential

How to Create a Project Risk Management Plan

The word “risk” has a complicated reputation. To some, it is a terrifying thing to be avoided. To others, it’s an exciting motivator. To project managers, it’s an inevitable part of the process that should be expected and planned for.

Project risk refers to any unplanned event that pops up

Why You Should Barely Accomplish Your Goals at Work

By Heather Hurst | Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Workfront


“The culture of most organizations is that every task needs 100 percent effort,” writes Workfront CEO Alex Shootman in his new book, Done Right: How Tomorrow’s Top Leaders Get Stuff Done. “Wrong. Every task needs 100

Team Goal Setting: How to Reach the Extraordinary

By Heather Hurst | Senior Director of Corporate Communications


“Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big successes,” wrote David J. Schwartz, author of The Magic of Thinking Big, published in 1959.

This is a nice thought that’s as true today as it was 60

Announcing a Book for Tomorrow's Leaders — Available Now

By Alex Shootman | CEO at Workfront




“Lead like your children are watching.”

It’s a simple but powerful thought that shifts a leader’s posture from privilege to responsibility — an awareness that how you talk, walk, ask questions, praise, criticize and spend your time has a