Portraits of Workfront's Richard Whitehead and Stanley Black & Decker's Monique Evans

How Stanley Black & Decker banished busy work

Workfront’s Richard Whitehead and Stanley Black & Decker’s Monique Evans share three ways to transform mind-numbing busy work into real work that your team can be proud of, with a little help from Workfront Fusion integrations.
Thousands of Adobe MAX attendees gather at the LA Convention Center.

The Adobe Max afterglow—thoughts from an ECD

Having attended Adobe MAX six times over the last 16 years, Workfront’s Ben Child, whose rallying cry to creatives is “more zen,” considers this year’s MAX the most insightful and thought-provoking so far. Here’s why.
Clean, minimalist desk with just a phone, keyboard, mouse, and plant.

The minimalist’s guide to getting work done

With so much competing advice out there for maximising personal and team productivity, Workfront marketing vice president Jada Balster cuts through the clutter, sharing advice for not just getting more work done, but getting the right work done.
Gartner IT symposium/xpo

3 Future of Work Insights from the 2019 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

Workfront recently attended one of the most important meetings of IT minds: the 2019 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™. After spending several days with CIOs and IT leaders immersed in technology trends impacting how we work, we identified three future of work insights worth sharing.
Digital transformation

5 Ways to Put Your People First in a Digital Transformation

In today’s knowledge economy, every aspect of work is undergoing a massive transformation—who is working, where they work, what tools they use, how they divide the work, and even when they work. Steve Cappellucci offers five practical ways business leaders can bridge the distance between work and the why behind it.
Swimming in the ocean

Work Performance Indicators: A Modern Way to Make Decisions

In a world that's increasingly global, diverse, dispersed, and digitally driven, we need to change the way we think about and measure work, writes Richard Whitehead, director of product and platform marketing at Workfront. Whitehead outlines five work performance indicators (WPIs)—mix, velocity, engagement, quality, and capacity—that will arm modern enterprises with the information they need to gain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing world.
Our Digital Future: Why There’s Nothing to Fear

Our Digital Future: Why There’s Nothing to Fear

Throughout history, every new technological innovation has been met with a measure of fear and resistance—from automobiles to ATM machines to artificial intelligence. Predictions of widespread unemployment proliferate with each new innovation, only to die down as new and different kinds of jobs are created. Richard Whitehead, a veteran tech leader who has been through this cycle a few times now, shares his five top forecasts about the future of work as the digital revolution marches on.
operational system of record in action

Planning & Strategy Made Easy: Your Operational System of Record in Action

Good planning is the foundation for every great project or initiative. However too often, teams jump into execution without doing that essential up-front work. Workfront's Sr. Director, Product Business Operations Jennifer Moore discusses how leveraging a work management platform can make strategic planning simple, and keep teams focused on the most important work.