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From the front line of a new work landscape: How Covance uses culture and tech to thrive

How do businesses like Covance—a global contract research organization on the front line of a new work era—achieve operational excellence in uncertain times? Patrick Taylor, Covance's Associate Director of Transformation Solutions, explains how Enterprise Work Management bolts disparate processes together, tears down productivity barricades, and drives collaboration to transform work.
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Look beyond the crisis: the next chapter of remote work

Companies went fully remote in response to the biggest unanticipated business disruption of the century. What now? Chris Marsh, 451 Research director, and Megan Pannier, Fiserv VP of marketing and analytics, talk about how to enable the next chapter of remote work—not just remote meetings.
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The renaissance of work: back to work—not back-to-back work

James Murray, EMEA MD, implores us to make a stand against shallow back-to-back work—a consequence of a panicked global pivot to remote work. Learn how the Eudaimonia Machine, the antithesis of the open plan office concept, can help us get back to the high-value deep work that benefits individuals and companies alike.
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FCB’s creative dynamism soars despite COVID-19 constraints

A global pandemic is disruptive to business, but it can also be a catalyst for creativity. Graham Johnson, chief product officer of the FCB Health Network, shares how his company’s people-first response to COVID-19 helps turn limitations into creativity.
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Adobe + Workfront: Under Armour's winning formula

In Workfront Live, a virtual follow-up to this year’s Adobe Summit, Under Armour product analyst Ben Snyder demonstrates how Under Armour uses Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to deliver enhanced customer experiences at scale.
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T-Mobile uses work management to connect all work and delight customers

In an era of personal and business disruption and always-on communication, T-Mobile navigates constant change—and comes out on top with a #1 customer satisfaction rating—through a steadfast commitment to its 80 million customers and an enterprise management solution that connects all facets of work.
Workfront customer JLL's Elizabeth Volini

Remote work in real estate: JLL responds to crisis with connection

We’ve entered an era of massive work disruption, but we’ve also stepped into a period of unprecedented connection and resiliency. Businesses like Workfront customer JLL, a world leader in commercial real estate, are embracing our new normal by moving from response to resilience. JLL’s Elizabeth Volini tells us how.
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Work will never be the same: visibility is king

Doing our best work gives us a sense of purpose, but can we do our best work if we don’t know which actions contribute most to the team? We may be engaged in our work, but are we engaged in the right work? EMEA MD James Murray helps us find answers by explaining why visibility is king when it comes to productivity and wellbeing.