Project Scope Management: What It Is and How to Do It (in 6 Steps)

In today’s fast-paced, modern workplace, work is increasingly done and managed digitally, and communication gets spread across multiple mediums. In the midst of all this chaos, it is imperative to have an effective project scope management plan in place.

Project scope refers to the total amount of

What Effect Did Thanksgiving Have on Work? Data From the Workforce

By Richard Whitehead | Director of Operations, Product & Technology at Workfront


Ever wonder what effect Thanksgiving has on work?

At Workfront we’re constantly analyzing work management data to best help our customers optimize their workday. With this data on hand for their company,

Let Go of Linear Thinking: Embrace the Past-Future-Present Mindset

By Heather Hurst | Senior Director of Corporate Communications


One of the enduring lessons of the classic 80s film Back to the Future, besides the importance of standing up to the Biffs of the world, is that any efforts to alter the past will wreak havoc on the future. And the fact that

5 Systems of Record Every Modern Enterprise Needs

By Heather Hurst | Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Workfront


It’s difficult to overstate the effects of the digital revolution. Technology continues to drastically transform the way we interact, communicate, shop, bank, consume entertainment, earn money, work, and experience

What to Look for in a Digital Collaboration Tool

Now more than ever, it's essential for businesses to use effective digital collaboration tools.

Have you noticed there are several times during the work week where the office just seems empty? All of the sudden, you look up from your computer and notice you are the only one there. It’s not that

The Digital Work Crisis and What to Do About It

Regardless of where you work, you’re likely racing to digitize your processes across departments, from sales to finance to customer support and beyond. Since digitization saves time and money, it’s without question the right direction to head in, which is why companies are spending $1.3 trillion