The Three Golden Rules Of Social Media In Political Campaigns

In 2011, a Red Cross social media specialist, with access to her employer’s Twitter login credentials, enjoyed a night out with friends. Unfortunately, she posted a tweet about the evening’s alcohol consumption (“#gettingslizzerd”) on the official Red Cross feed. The organization responded with

Make A New Year’s Resolution To Make Work Matter

Almost 20 years ago, management consultant and author Peter Drucker predicted the dilemma that’s currently facing scores of businesses in today’s digital economy. He wrote:

"The most important, and indeed the truly unique, contribution of management in the 20th century was the fifty-fold increase

Leap 2017 Session Slides

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Requirements Management: The Foundation for Project Success


For most of my life, I dreamed of being an architect. I'm a creative to the core and in high school, I loved my art, drafting, AutoCAD, and architectural drawing classes. But I was really only interested in the drawing and design part of it. In reality, there were many things I never considered

Stakeholders: Who's Who in the Zoo?


Last month's post looked at different definitions of the word ‘change' and how, when not clearly defined, can result in a host of issues and noise pollution. This month I'm taking one of the terms and expanding it. The aim here is to challenge how you think about it and increase the level of

Six Indicators of Inefficient Work Management

It's simple. All managers need in order to effectively manage their team's work is to be able to answer these six questions:

Managers Need Answers to These Questions

No biggy, right? Easy-peasy.

**Wrong. **

Unfortunately, most managers find it difficult to get the information they need in order to answer these questions realistically.

Project Management Knowledge Areas

The project manager's bible, i.e., the PMBOK, describes nine knowledge areas or categories of the project management discipline. Gaining expertise in any one of these knowledge areas can help you become a rock star in your organization. Understanding and applying all nine will make you irreplaceable

Best Practices for Scope Management

1. Collect Project Requirements
2. Define the Scope
3. Create a Work Breakdown Structure
4. Verify the Scope and Get Feedback
5. Monitor and Control the Scope

Collect Project Requirements

Best Practices for Scope Management stakeholders and the capabilities and constraints of your resources, you