The Total Economic Impact of Workfront Study

Success in our new world of work hinges on technology.

The world of work is changing fast and completing tasks isn’t
enough to keep up. Successful companies use enterprise work
management to keep remote teams focused on the right work,
quickly adapt to market changes, and outpace the competition.

More than 3,000 companies and 10 out of 10 of the world’s top
brands use Workfront to connect and manage work across the
enterprise. Workfront customers are thriving—and winning—in
today’s turbulent market.
Forrester interviewed four enterprise customers:

Chemical manufacturing—117,000 employees

Healthcare—74,000 employees

Financial services—16,500 employees

Healthcare manufacturer—4,000 employees

Total Economic Impact™ key findings.

Remarkable value across the enterprise.

285 %

return on investment


month payback period

22 M

in productivity savings

Financial benefits at every level of the enterprise.

Forrester identified cost savings and benefits with Workfront across the enterprise and within individual departments.
IT program management office.

Increased productivity produced a three-year benefit of


Centralized visibility helped the IT PMO prioritize work, streamline processes, and apply predictive modeling.

Marketing department.

Improved quality control processes and reduced operational losses per campaign by


Marketing saved more than $1.5 million over two years by simplifying workflows, automating repetitive work, and using native API integrations.

Product development office.

Reduced project length and increased productivity resulted in savings of


Having an undisputed data source helped the 400-person product development office plan, prioritize, and execute work— and predict delays and rework, reducing project length by two weeks.

Strategic program office.

Streamlined management leads to a one-year benefit of


Workfront helped the strategic program office nearly eliminate status meetings and corresponding prep, along with unnecessary portfolio and project administration.


Pivot, deliver, and win in today’s market.

Forrester demonstrated the benefits of Workfront and exposed what it takes to go from surviving to thriving in the face of unprecedented market change and business complexity. Companies need work management technology that serves as their undisputed data source, centralizes visibility into all work, keeps teams productive on the right work, and makes it easy to replan, reprioritize, and deliver. Successful enterprises use Workfront to thrive amid change—and win.
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