The Done Right Podcast
Episode 1

Winning Together: Introducing the Done Right podcast

I want to tell you a story.

Coming into the Sydney Olympics, Team Great Britain had not celebrated a victory in the men’s “eight” rowing competition since the Stockholm Olympics of 1912, some 88 years earlier.  But that was all about to change on the waters of Penrith Lakes in the closing race of the Sydney Olympic regatta. 

Why? Because in 1998, after consistently failing to medal or even make the finals of major regattas, Great Britain’s Men’s Rowing team decided to fundamentally change the way they worked and how they worked with each other. 

These eight athletes were clear on their end goal: to cross the finish line first in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, 18 months away. But how they would get there required them to “challenge every single thing [they] did around the unifying goal of winning. Ben Hunt-Davis from that team says “We challenged everything we did and didn’t do as to whether it would add value.” They challenged the way they trained, their diet, race planning and tactics, and the technology of the boat and oars. All eight crewmen had expertise and opinions about the right approach. When those opinions differed, they all rallied around a single question:  Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? 

The result? These underdogs caught everyone by surprise with a fast start and held off the world’s best to win the race. 

Hi, my name is Jordan Staples and I want to welcome you to the very first episode of the Done Right podcast.  Over the past decade and a half, I have studied and worked in the area of applied psychology, which means I help people change the way they do what they do to get what they want in school, work, and life. During that time I have learned one simple truth—it takes good people and great teams to accomplish extraordinary goals.

Why Done Right

That’s why I’m doing a podcast with Workfront, a company I have been working for the past few years. Workfront’s CEO Alex Shootman challenged me and my team to accomplish one goal—to show the world how to get stuff done and do it right. His vision for Workfront is to help people do their best work so companies can thrive in a digital world. He believes, as do I that work doesn’t have to suck for companies to win. In fact, it’s the opposite that’s true—the more people “in the boat” are using their strengths toward a common goal, the happier people are, the more committed they are to an organization and it’s goals, and the company performs better. So, good companies know how to execute a strategy but the extraordinary companies are made up of people who not only get it done but do it right. Just like each of the 8 British athletes in Sydney almost 20 years ago, you and I have a choice every day we go to work, will we show up, pitch in, and lean into the work we do individually, as a team, and organization? If yes, you and I add rocket fuel to our careers, make more money, and make a difference to something bigger than ourselves. 

The Done Right podcast mission

So that is the mission of this podcast, to share insights and inspiration with every leader in the world to get it done and do it right. And yes, if you want to make an impact in your world today–you are a leader. 

What you can expect

Each and every week we will have conversations around everything we do and don’t do today to get it done and do it right.  Unlike TED, these ideas are not just worth sharing but worth doing. So, every episode you can count on the conversation coming doing to a clear best next action to level up the way you work and work with others TODAY. Ultimately, our hope for you and the other people who listen to this podcast is to provide you moments like that day in Sydney where along the way you and your team become even better at making the boat go faster, accomplishing some extraordinary things in your career. 

Today’s best next action

Before you move onto your next task for the day, determine exactly how you will lean into the work you are part of that is being led by someone else in your org. What do they really need help with and how can you contribute?

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