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You know releasing the right products at the right time to meet customer demand is crucial to the business. Your teams already face tight timelines to design, develop, test, and launch products. But if you don’t have the visibility to prioritize work, identify roadblocks, or respond quickly to
market changes, those challenges can add up to missed launch dates—and missed opportunities. How will you balance accelerating demand and increased pressure if your teams are still working with analog processes and inadequate tools? It’s time to consider a new approach.

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Workfront delivers fact-based, data-driven information to the Citrix SCM New Product introductions team in real time. It's our single source of truth.
Perry Hovanic
Sr Director NPI

The product team at Citrix centralized and standardized tasks and projects in Workfront, providing everyone on the team, and across the organization, complete visibility into each project.

How will you stay nimble in response to changing market demands without sacrificing quality? Read this guide to learn how to conquer more of the biggest challenges product teams face.

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