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Agile is more than just being flexible and responsive—it’s a work management methodology that is helping marketers be more modern, flexible, innovative, and responsive to their target markets. Traditional work and project management methodologies are rigid and tend to keep marketers stuck in months of planning and execution before they can deliver. Agile is a more recent alternative for managing marketing workflows—and it’s helping marketers revolutionize the way they do marketing.

With Agile, marketing teams of all types and sizes can shift their focus to the work that matters most. Agile principles help teams deliver results like being more customer-centric, increasing speed-to-market, working in iterations, and focusing on testing and continuous improvement.


Is your team ready to transition to Agile? Whether you’re just considering Agile Marketing or you’ve already started embracing and applying Agile principles and frameworks, Workfront makes Agile easy to scale to your needs. While old-school IT and development teams often manage their Agile work using whiteboards and sticky notes, there’s a much more modern way to do things

Workfront is a cloud-based work management solution that provides a reliable, streamlined way of managing marketing work—regardless of the project management methodology you prefer. In Workfront, marketing teams can manage all of their work in one place—across multiple teams, workflows, and methodologies—allowing your team to adopt Agile at their own pace.


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