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Basic project management solutions may have what it takes to cover your needs for today but smart enterprises are always looking ahead. Preparing for the future means understanding if your systems are suited not just for today, but for the next round of growth, and the one after. How you get work done needs to grow as your business grows.
Workfront is designed to be scalable and configurable. Not only does Workfront deliver everything you need to manage the way you work today, but you’re prepared for whatever new projects, initiatives, processes, or team structures you might encounter down the road.
"Workfront is really about working smarter, allowing us to work faster and more efficiently. It’s so adaptable that any business group can easily customize and use it."
Jenna Shiba
Marketing Operations Manager, Fender
Liberty mutual

Learn how Liberty Mutual has streamlined the way they work to manage and overcome their own digital work crisis in this informative webinar.

Project management leader

Read this post to learn more about the important differences between work management and project management.

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