• Keep assets in the context of your work
With all assets in one central location, there’s no more hunting and searching for the right digital asset. Workfront puts the DAM solution right at your fingertips, in the context of each project that you’re working on. You have complete strategic direction and control.
  • Connect
Make collaboration quick and easy by creating unique groups of assets into Lightboxes for sharing and commenting that are accessible from any Internet-connected device. Get real-time alerts when assets are uploaded, downloaded, or deleted.
  • Stay on brand
Make sure your brand is protected and being accurately represented in the marketplace. Customize and brand your portal design with your company’s look and feel, then use Workfront DAM to make sure teams have the latest approved and correctly branded files as well as the latest brand guidelines.
  • Store files where you need them
Being creative requires not only the right training, but also the right structure. Workfront DAM integration is natural and easy; in fact it fits in with how you’re already using Workfront today. With one click in Workfront DAM, your assets are associated with each project, campaign, or work item where and how you need them, so you can focus on being creative.