• Filters
Don’t waste time looking for what you don’t need. Automatically filter out irrelevant search criteria and easily focus your efforts. Filter images by specifying resolution, width, height and orientation to only see images that fit the requirements for your campaign.
  • Keywords
Narrow down results by selecting keywords from a complete keyword list. Import a list of standardized keywords for organizing your assets and make searching a breeze with a controlled vocabulary.
  • Full text search
Quickly locate documents you need when you don’t know the exact file name. Get the information you need without having to browse through endless PDFs or long documents. Simply search for a word or phrase and retrieve the files you’re looking for.
  • Metadata
Use the data that has been with the asset ever since it’s creation to find what you need. All descriptive image or asset metadata can be entered manually or automatically, and then used to make searching by a specific criteria dead simple.
  • Information pass-through
With the seamless integration between Workfront and Workfront DAM, relevant metadata for all assets created in Workfront are automatically passed into Workfront DAM, making files easy to find, organize and distribute to customers, partners or vendors.

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